Summit Daily letters: Susan Rice surveillance and skier death publicity |

Summit Daily letters: Susan Rice surveillance and skier death publicity

Rice revelation

Well, Democrats have been desperately, hysterically even, seeking another Watergate since the shock surprise Trump election and now, it appears they may have found it. Along with a truck load of irony comes the possibility that the sought after terminal Trump scandal actually originated in the Obama administration with Susan Rice’s misuse of our massive intelligence apparatus to collect information on U.S. citizens for political purposes. If she did so, and she could not have done so alone, the implications for the privacy of US citizens are enormous.

Do we yet know this for a fact? No, but the vigorous attempt by the liberal media, especially CNN, to ignore/minimize the bombshell story makes it blatantly obvious there’s more than just smoke there. CNN’s cartoonishly panicked effort to avert viewers eyes and ears from the news of Rice’s public denial, at first, then more recent statements that unmasking US citizens names was just part of her national security job, makes it pretty obvious that there is more than just smoke to this story and that these “journalists” probably know it. People in the know regarding unmasking of citizens captured in intelligence collection logically point out that the National Security Advisor is not an investigator and that the job of deciding when to reveal and investigate U.S. persons is that of the intelligence agencies.

Democrats have been determined to investigate the Russian “hack” of our election (which was about as sophisticated as the Nigerian email scams we’ve all seen in our in boxes), so, by all means, let’s have an investigation, but with the Rice revelation, it’s going to feature a parade of former Obama White House officials, under oath, answering the question, “What did you know and when did you know it?”

The Germans have a word for the emotion evoked among Republicans by this recent turn of events. It’s called “schadenfreude.” The rough American translation is “what goes around, comes around.” None of this is good for the country, but maybe a good look back at the past administration’s practices, many say abuses, will produce some good.

Jeff Pace


Skier death publicity

I am embarrassed and ashamed of the publicity that Cole Barker’s death has received in the Sky Hi News, Summit Daily, the Clear Creek Courant and other Denver news sources. I have struggled finding a purpose in the details that have been released, as well as the accusatory language in the articles written concerning this event. I politely and respectfully would like to ask Coroner Hegmann and the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department to meet with Loveland in a dignified and mature manner. I am certain that more would be accomplished behind closed doors than through media channels. It appears that the new coroner needs to share his expectations, procedures and protocols with Loveland patrol. I believe that the media attention has derailed the focus. Publicly we need to support the family, friends and community that have lost a loved one. Let us please find a way to be compassionate and kind through this horrible and tragic event.

Katie McCoy


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