Summit Daily letters: Tax day is coming |

Summit Daily letters: Tax day is coming

April 17 is tax day

Last year Congress passed sweeping tax reform, with a price tag of $1.5 trillion. Whom does this tax “reform” benefit? It has been estimated that 83 percent of it benefits the large corporations and wealthy Americans (millionaires and billionaires). One, studies show that Trump and his family will receive $11 million (or more) from the tax cuts. Two, working families have received small, temporary increases in our paychecks, small one-time bonuses, an inability to itemize many deductions and, for many, loss of health care. Yes, the stock market is doing well as a result of the tax cuts — but how many middle Americans directly benefit from increases in the stock market? And now, Congress is talking about creating barriers to Medicaid and SNAP to help pay for tax cuts to the wealthy.

I, personally, will be marching in Denver on April 15, to protest this outrageous action by Trump and the Republicans.

Marcia Woodland


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