Summit Daily letters: The big Colorado electoral vote giveaway |

Summit Daily letters: The big Colorado electoral vote giveaway

The big Colorado electoral vote giveaway

I have two questions: “Why do our Colorado liberal politicians believe it is fair to throw away every Colorado vote for president of the U.S.?” and “Why has the local media barely covered the fact that our elected officials passed a bill to require Colorado’s electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of who the Colorado voters voted for?”

These questions are, of course, rhetorical. We know why the bill was quietly passed and why the local media doesn’t cover it.

If you agree that every vote in Colorado should count and be given to the candidate that receives the most votes in Colorado (not whoever California or New York is voting for), I urge you to read about the referendum on and arrange to sign the petition at one of the many locations throughout Colorado. We need 200,000 signatures to put this question to the voters on the November 2020 ballot. Please, let’s make our voices heard and stop this insanity.

Patty Barkley


Knowing more about e-bikes

Summit County Off-Road Riders has always welcomed e-bikes. All three classes of e-bikes are allowed to use trails designated as motorized for free. This is because the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Registration Program does not include e-bikes in its definition of OHV.

In contrast, every OHV in the state of Colorado must purchase a $25.25 sticker every spring. Anyone can buy an OHV sticker but, why would you do that?

SCORR, in partnership with the USDA/ Dillon Ranger District has received about $750,000 over the past five years from the Colorado OHV program. Two “motorized multi-use single track trail” areas are in the Breckenridge/ Golden Horseshoe area and on Tenderfoot Mountain between Dillon and Keystone. That’s why you should voluntarily buy an OHV sticker. They are sold online (search: Colorado OHV) or at any power sports shop.

Where can you ride your e-bike on motorized trails? There’s an app for that!

Get “Colorado Trail Explorer” (COTREX) at the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

Tim Nixon

President/ Summit County Off-Road Riders


Broadband coming to Breckenridge

Really not a true picture of the costs to taxpayers. The network as being proposed by the town of Breckenridge is a money-loser for the taxpayers. Cost of construction, maintenance, low revenue per user, as well as small population … (getting 500 subscribers is optimistic at an average revenue of $100 per month) kills the economics of a $25 million expenditure. Summit Daily has been given the facts of the many failed projects throughout the U.S. with many of the failed projects with populations five times the size of Breckenridge. That part of the story needs to be told to get the whole picture of what the town is biting off. Broadband is needed. Wireless broadband! 5G is around the corner and what is being built will have skeleton remains within the next five years … and the taxpayers will fund the skeleton!

Todd Ruelle


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