Summit Daily Letters: Time to play nice with Vail Resorts |

Summit Daily Letters: Time to play nice with Vail Resorts

Time to play nice with Vail Resorts

A “spat” with Vail Resorts? Time for town council to go, before they destroy the “relationship” with Vail Resorts. Town council can’t win this fight. If I were the CEO of Vail Resorts, Breck Ski Resort would be for sale! Breck is now 1 of 61 Resorts and less and less important with every acquisition. Property values would plummet! I suggested a partnership arrangement in my last letter, which apparently Vail Resorts embraced — they probably thought of it first! The town council rejected the concept. Do the math: Vail Resorts provides the land and is paying a guaranteed $3.5 million annually toward a parking structure and the town council rejects it? Are you kidding me? Please write letters, call or start looking at the article on page six of the April 12 paper to see what you could be paying for season passes. IKON has no senior passes, no military passes (this year VR is offering a $99 season pass for those who have served our country for 20 years or more). Vail Resorts is one of Summit County’s largest employers. Time to get along!

Patricia Walker


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