Summit Daily letters: Two letters, two views of free speech |

Summit Daily letters: Two letters, two views of free speech

Two letters, two views of free speech

RE: Cancel Morgan Liddick’s column — now (Summit Daily News, March 17)

The Summit Daily had quite the contrast between letter writers Delle Firestone and Nancy Hallett, with Firestone supportive of hearing both sides of issues and Hallett desiring to shut down any discussion of opinions in disagreement with hers. Hallett’s desire to shut down Morgan Liddick’s column is so typical of leftist thinking that it is becoming boring. As a scientist, I see the same thing all the time regarding climate issues. Leftists not only don’t want to see or hear anything opposing their deeply held beliefs, regardless of whether reality proves those beliefs erroneous, but also do not want others to see opposing arguments either. Personally, I find Morgan Liddick’s articles a realistic breath of fresh air in the daily deluge of leftist propaganda we see in the mainstream (lamestream?) media. Hallett should be happy she lives in a country where freedom of the press and speech are lauded. If she wants to hear just one side of the argument, perhaps she should move to North Korea or Venezuela where she will have no need to think between competing arguments. How’s that working out for them?

Terry W. Donze

Wildernest, Summit County


Nancy Hallett’s piece “Cancel Morgan Liddick’s column — now” in Sunday’s paper is indicative of an epidemic going around the country today. She doesn’t agree with Mr. Liddick’s opinion so she wants him silenced. Until recently I would have said sorry it doesn’t work that way. Sadly, it has become increasingly clear that there is an increased effort on the part of some to silence those with opposing views and in many cases this has been successful. It is time to reverse that trend and get back to using opposing views to spark debate and perhaps learn something in the process.

Steve Conner


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