Summit Daily letters: View on the abortion debate and letters of support for FitzSimons and 1A |

Summit Daily letters: View on the abortion debate and letters of support for FitzSimons and 1A

Bringing truth to Summit’s abortion debate

With a front page photo on Friday, Sept. 28, of picketers carrying signs proclaiming TRUTH, I would ask those protestors: “Are you really in search of truth?” If you are, why would you turn down an invitation to calmly and intellectually enter into the Resource Center (not marketed as a “clinic “) with an open mind to actually see and hear what is offered to women (and men) in an unplanned pregnancy? Instead you use only emotional, vulgar and offensive language to describe your opinion not supported by science or factual experience. This child growing in a womb is truly a unique human being with dignity. The surgical removal of that life is a killing. There is a choice: either life or death of the child in an abortion decision.

I must take exception to the quote in the article: “(These centers) require an ultrasound. They will not accept a blood test because they want the woman to see the ultrasound, and then they tell her lies like, ‘You shouldn’t have an abortion,’ but they don’t care once the baby is born. … and that really pisses me off.” Had the protester the fortitude to actually experience the counseling provided (not forced), see the resources provided, and the post birth support offered, she could not have made that statement. At least she had the knowledge to call the “product of conception” a baby, which is the truth.

Another resource offered free of charge in the county is a corollary support service for families called Casa Gabriel. This project offers practical, emotional and spiritual support for families with children under 6 years of age. Diapers, formula, clothing, shoes, coats, boots and conversation with experienced mothers and peers goes a long way to help during these life changing events, without any religious “coercion.” The mother is not alone to care for her child in the womb and after birth. Casa Gabriel can be contacted at 720-584-0299 or

Larry Beardsley


Support 1A and FitzSimons for sheriff

In a few weeks, you will receive your mail-in ballot for the upcoming election. Besides the more general state and district offices, there are two important local contests that need your attention.

The first is Summit County Referred Measure 1A. We are critically short of revenue if we want to continue our efforts at wildfire prevention, early childhood education, recycling, and mental health. The future health and safety of our community depends on passage of 1A, and tax effects on homeowners will be minimal. Most of the major employers in Summit County have endorsed the measure, including Vail Resorts, the school district, and several town councils. Please support this important measure with your vote.

The second one, the contest for Summit County Sheriff, is just as important. Regardless of whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent voter, if you live in Summit County you are surely aware of the excellent work of our current sheriff, Jaime FitzSimons. Not only has he created programs to provide needed contract medical care for both his deputies and the inmates of the jail, but he has also spearheaded efforts to combat the county’s mental health, suicide and substance abuse problems. In addition, he has expanded the School Resource Officer Program to make our schools safer for our children, and has worked to bring a Child Advocacy Center to our community.

In addition, Jaime is one of the most personable and reachable people one could ever hope for in a law enforcement official. No matter your political leaning, if you spend any time looking at his record of achievement, you will conclude that Jaime has been an unqualified success for the county, and certainly deserves your vote for re-election. Please join me in supporting Jaime FitzSimons for re-election – he has earned it.

Stan Katz


Vote yes on 1A

This measure will do so many great things for our community, at a very minor cost to each of us. To understand how little if will cost us, please note that it will cost only about $2.83 per month on each $100,000 of assessed property value. And what do we all get for that modest financial sacrifice? In my opinion, we get quite a lot. The largest beneficiary is affordable early childhood learning, a need that affects all of us whether or not we have young children in the county. They are our future. Next are mental health and suicide prevention programs; a serious issue that needs our immediate attention. The funds also will be used to improve our countywide recycling and waste diversion programs. I believe every homeowner in Summit County understands how critical it is to make and keep our community clean, beautiful and sustainable. Finally, some of the proceeds are earmarked for wildfire prevention; a lesson made clear to us this summer. I urge you to help make our beloved community stronger and better by voting YES on 1A.

Jed Callen


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