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‘SUMMIT POETS’ Poetry Contest

Summit County residents

Editor’s Note: The following are poems submitted by Summit County residents for the Summit Daily News “Summit Poets” poetry contest.

Adult Category

The Spirit

The spirit was fierce,

Each contender quite serious.

They strained at the trial

Exhausted, delirious.

Some even collapsed,

Every muscle a scream

Yet only a handful

Would make this top team.

Once they were chosen, the

spirit would soar.

He showed them new methods

To dribble and score.

They were taught to be solid

and stout with agility

We were all so impressed,

Such athletic ability.

Other schools were their rivals,

It was time to compete.

Still, the spirit advanced

For the challenge they’d meet.

But they soon were awakened,

Desires changed to fears

When they learned their opponents

Played together for years.

Now the spirit was weakened

So, they looked toward their trust.

Yet, he just shook his head

And looked down in disgust.

Not a word of encouragement

Came from his heart.

Each game was a burdensome

Struggle to start.

They thought to abandon

This game that they stayed devoted

Through despair and confusion

All confidence crushed,

Any victory an illusion.

A nod for their efforts

A mere smile was essential

To persuade the young men

Reach their foremost potential.

May the spirit rebound with

profusion and valor.

With praise and incentive,

Their souls shall recover.

Janet Anderson

The Kiss

What glorious sport, the kiss.

Anxious, slipp’ry lips, moist with anticipation of passionate introduction, glisten by candle’s glow.

Awaiting union.

First kiss

As pulses rise with the new moon, beg to last foreverSbut no.

Morning kiss.

With breath to curl lover’s eyelashes, greet us with the morning sun.

And coffee.

Goodbye kiss.

I know of these indeed.

Doing all that is possible to send heart and soul through another’s lips, so that distance “tween never occurs.

Sweet nectar of love mingles with tears from soon-lonely eyes,

And fuels airport passion.

Michael Aumock

“The Game of Love”

Who will pick up the pieces When you finish the game?

When the blocks begin to tumble, When the dominos fall,

When nothing is the same.

When the pick-up-sticks scatter, When the straw breaks the camel’s back,

When nothing seems to matter. When neither can win,

Who puts it all back together again?

Barbara Behmer


The first decade of a new century,

It is America

A bit drunk on a new sensation

See it skate frictionlessly limited

Like a prayer on injected wings

Towards hearts of nobler time.

Let the roads be silk and slick as if wet

Alas, hope is in site

I want to be ready.

Outside the music

An expectations other awaits

But does not enter

Instead he wonders,

Why are you standing, smiling in the rain

When the Sun is crying on me?

Brad Bisio

Fresh Stitches

Her sister got AIDS from a dentist,

you said. The danger of vanity –

she got a boob job a week ago.

I wonder if she had a payment plan.

That is sick humor, but dead

sounds funny in your voice.

They say fakes are tender at first,

tender for about a month. I’m sorry that I keep focusing on the boobs;

really it is just my own denial,

my own aversion to a car crash

late at night – the fragility of it.

We invest ourselves into this life,

buying, consuming, not thinking,

the implants settling into place.

Polly Brewster


This thing-

organic soup of nuclei, helixes

fallow and insentient-this faustian clay

brash with regenerative possibility-

Prospect for the drain.

This thing

say the elders of some proud new Sanhedrin –

self-ordained, urging humility:

This thing encapsulates the Divine.

-And therefore, they fear,

relegates it to shadow.

Fire, too, was frightening. And flight.

And birth.

The soul again declared for

the body reviled.

For the veneration of this passive yeast

for the preservation of clanking tribal tales

we must pass the perigee of mortal days bound to pain;

we grope in the dank hold of dementia.

Eric Collier







Jeanine Corvetto

The Singer

The singer sang a

haunting song on a cold

and rainy night

Visions of grandeur

of the young man

began to take flight

Loneliness a different

type of pain. One with

a enduring type of taint.

Loneliness go away.

Come back if you must,

on some distant day.

The singer’s song ended.

The flight of the man

was beginning.

Joseph Patrick Evankovich

The fog drifts by

The fog drifts by the ground it smothers

Is it condensation, or the ghosts of others?

It comes uninvited and leaves when it wants

Wind is the enemy, the hollows it haunts

Mistaken for smoke where there is no fire

White and gray is it’s usual attire

From high up in the mountains, to way down by the ocean

The fog it has no boundaries, and is forever changing motion

After the skies have cleared the mystery remains

Just a weather pattern, or the spirit of those unnamed?

Mike Galvin


blue voice

in the blue dawn

vivid stream in

the space of what were

words but now seem like

little pills–placebos

moonlight is a neon sign

we could touch it if we knew the code

out of doors

naked under a tree

against a fence

hair in braids


a wash over the world


persisting within

I lose it like a radio station

then it flows over the dirt

I listen for it and never hear it

No one listens and it silently shines

across a void


There is something more to things than

I’ve ever imagined


The Bull Rider???

My son the couch potato

By his own admission

Wants to ride a bucking bull

What a lame insane obsession

The reason for this venture

Crazy as it may be

Is to impress his lovely wife

Whose name is Beverly

She drools over bull riders

That she watches on TV

And her constant o-o-ohs and a-a-ahs

Turn him green with jealously

He’ll try this risky sport someday

To prove a macho point

And suffer with the GROANS

Echoing from every joint

Should he win no prize

That’s OK with Beverly

It’s the THOUGHT that really counts

From her bull riding wannabe

Laura Gmerek

a smile, but nothing to hide

still drunk in the SPIRIT she listed

and stepped outside the house

of GOD to kindle a little more

fire – a small campfire in the ashtray

smoking up to send circling signals:

get the station wagons in a ring!

we’re being attacked by Endian Entrepreneurs

(she on the other hand preferred

southwest israel or southwest

australia) huffing tar and charcoal

fumes like coals heaped on all

of our rebellious heads strong

to the pointy little two by fours

whacked upside the back of them

still wanting own self rather

than best.

the chariot’s on fire on TOP

of the mountain – see valley

see in the dark see her run

excuse me, mr. nuclear –

care to light my fire?

Kathryn the Grape

(Grandma Grape)

Coming Home

Home, a place with a white picket fence,

Home, a place you could go when you need 50 cents.

Home, a place you had your lemonade stand out front,

Home, a place where your dad taught you how to bunt.

Home, a place where all your blue ribbons hung on the wall,

Home, a place where your mom would dry your tears after a fall.

Home, a place I go to visit anytime I can,

Home a place I can be who I am.

Home, a place were my thoughts always roam,

Home, a place that is Home Sweet Home.

Evelyn B. Huth


Wartime events,

written in the pages

of American history

and the heart of every

American to continue

the heartbeat of old

glory’s magnificent

stories –

The starts and stripes

of old glory’s banner

unite past warfare with

the present tieing the

heart of one generation

to another to continue

in defense of America’s

freedom –

We solute old glory’s story

through the hearts of the

American people –

– In America’s heartland

unity is sewn into the fabric

and soil of our great nation

of people –

Brave men and women are

the heartsong of America

and the continuing saga

of old glory’s story.

The End.

Ellen Hampton

Carousel Horse

Hold your breath!

Lets begin our beautiful descent..

My carousel horse shuns his circular journey,

a spiral path downward into you.

Ken Lawson

Jackknife on I-70

Stopped in traffic for ages.

Forgotten about traffic,

Took the el most anyway

At least I’ve got a few tapes,

Favorite band no one’s ever heard of.

My own uncomfortable company.

The moon’s out, almost a waning crescent,

and I think, today would’ve been a good day

to have walked somewhere.

Rethinking asking the guy behind me for a smoke

(did). Trying to drown out the weird, fluorescent Texans

next to me. Turn off the engine again.

Too much to think on, all I’ve managed to mess.

I’ve made my bed and here I lie.

Trying to sing it.

Belt it out sometimes.

Liz Leinweber


Is it controlling when:

I tell you where to go to be


I don’t tell you when it is


I show you the beauty in


I don’t show you the pain in


I ask you to listen to songbird’s


I don’t let you hear the sorrows

of the world?

I have you smell the sweet

nectar of flowers?

I smother you with pollution?

I feed you the nourishment you


I let you taste defeat?

Is it controlling when I say,

“I Love You?”


The Game of Light

I watch the games that the shadows play

as they try to take the light away

In places it is dark, but not yet night.

The night and day play hide and seek

and it seems that the day was beat.

For awhile the day hides

its darkness holds the trees and mountain peaks

but only until the day comes to take

back its position with the sun.

I watch this game, but who has won?

Ryan Lucente


I look around the corner

and what do I see?

Another corner…

waiting for me

The sight of a destination

is just a mirage

Fragments of a life,

pieces of a collage

Does the puzzle fit together

is there a grand connection?

Perhaps it’s beyond the grasp

of our earthly detection

At the end of the journey

the reasons may flow

Each corner an opportunity…

to love and to grow

Donna MacCary

When you knew me

When you knew me

I was a child

I wore my inexperience

A red cloak

Every move I make

An innocent dream

That’s what drew me to you

Fresh new and willing

Willing to experiment and corrupt

I was clay

Molded into a statue

To sit on your mantle

One lonely day

I slipped off and shattered

Where were you

When the broken pieces

Of my flesh needed to be glued

After you destroyed my world

I was not longer fresh or shiny

But stained and worn

I wonder if others can tell

Heidi Mackle


Limbs lithe and long, slender fare

Perch needy birds craving spring

With song Wind’s toes wander there

Romantic trees dance and swing

Birds perch needy craving spring

Peaks aglow in candlelight

Romantic trees dance and swing

Earth grabs hold, embracing tight

Peaks aglow in candlelight

Hatching dreams for idle feet

Earth grabs hold, embracing tight

Swaying, twirling down the street

Deep within my thunders beat

With song Wind’s toes wander there

Swaying, twirling down the street

Limbs lithe and long, slender, fair

Julie McCluskie

If I Could Be a Song

If I could be a song there would be no broken hearts

and you’d always be around

If I could be a song there would be no pain or disappointment

and all despair would be gone

If I could be a song time would be long, distances short

and loneliness would fade

If I could be a song there would be no war or hatred

and peace would rule the earth

If I could be a song disease and disability would cease

and torn families would mend

If I could be a song neighbors would all be courteous

and would stand together as friends

If I could be a song, music, art and laughter would heal wounds

and weapons would only be for survival

If I could be a song

I would sing you what you need to believe in faith and a good life

If I could be a song

I would sing you a smile, warmth and laughter

God bless America, our world and all effected by tragedy

Eric Melvin

“My Angel Mother”

Grief is the evidence of our ability to love

What person that can not Grieve

does not feel, does not love

My Mother she sends joy and Love from above

The birds that I see, the flowers that I smell will

forever now remind me of my angel

Mother sending joy and Love and smiling from above

My Mother is generous concerned and compassionate

No more sadness and earthly burdens,

She smiles with joy and Love from above

Stefana Mirto

Ancient Stones

Decrepit flagstone walls

free blue sky

cinnamon dirt chatters in long dead tongues.

I weep

stir my pain inside a rusted tomato soup can

ride humble wind

and consider my life




or desire.

Barbara J. Mertus Munyon


getting to know the character of a thing

so that it’s viscerally understood

(sloppy-faced sucking on mango pit

sense-filling music)


watching a retired sled-dog

taking his treat and then turning to


something he’s done all his life

in the




(aurora curtains overhead)

that tells you – awes you – man is he beautiful.

you get lost in him.

and for that moment that your lives have intersected

and you’re just out on the trail

you stop,

admiring his form and freedom,

and watch him love to run.

John Palm


My teary eyes open

they blur in the light of day

Rolling down my cheek they know

that I must fly away

Away from you

from here where you are

Anywhere away from you

stretches this love to far

In this airport all around me are these families

Kids with red as gumdrops cheeks bounce

off the walls with endless energies

It’s very hard to leave you

fatal final is how it feels

Perhaps someday again my love

reuniting us as it heals

This gaping hole

this cracked and bleeding heart

This un-whole soul feels shredded and torn apart

I’m not really sure

why is it that we must split

Our future is uncertain

yet our hope lingers inside of it

I will miss you more

more with each passing day

I really want to talk with you

but there’s nothing left to say

Paul Panicucci


Misunderstood creature of the night

spending life in constant flight

running from man who takes your home

destroying your den to build his own.

Your yellow eyes look at mortal hands

knowing greediness caused barren lands

once overflowing with emerald groves

today nothing of essence ever grows.

Howls of despair fill night air

unable to understand why man does not care

chasing you far away to lands of myths and spells

only to be remembered in child’s fairy tales.

Kay Patterson

Adult Category

A Journey Up the Coast

The winding roads along stunning cliffs pull us along

the way

The foghorn’s haunting sound as a warning across the bay

The scent of musty foliage and mist on foggy nights

The sun’s uncloaking the morning, revealing magnificent


The redwood emperors towering over ferns rejoicing at

their feet

The intricate blend of those majesties and worshipers

nestled in their seat

The colliding harmony of the river meeting the sea

The enlightened wisdom bestowed upon on all those who see

The enchanting painting of a wondrous work of art

A masterpiece of nature’s beauty, bringing light in from

the dark

Kirk R. Williams

“Love Without Lust”

Like a babe at a bosom,

I’ve known your caress;

With soft gentle strokes,

you can ease my duress.

The curve of your muscles,

under warm supple skin;

In a tender embrace,

but, with strength from within.

The sound of your voice,

in its low crooning tones;

With soothing vibrations,

reaching through to my bones.

The pulse of your heartbeat,

and your rhythmic breath;

Rocking me slowly,

cradled close to your breast.

Your scent wrapped around me,

in sweet deja`vu;

Leaving all of my senses,

filled completely with you.

Like a babe at a bosom,

I’ve known this true trust;

Of child-like contentment,

and love without lust.

Scott R. Peregoy

Comforting Fear

Death touches you like a cool breeze on a chilly summers eve.

You wrap a sheet about you, the perfect mummy in a bed shaped sarcophagus.

You are confined by walls of utter darkness; there is no hope of escape,

There is no dream of escape yet there will be,

You spend your life running from death, but in this moment you lie down and

accept it.

Faith swallows your fear as sleep swallows consciousness.

All goes quiet.

You will rise again.

William Plitz

A Tale of Two Towers

Two buildings stand reaching into blue sky

An architect’s tribute to the creative mind.

Planes are soaring, destinations now changed

By those consumed with unbridled rage.

A plane for each building, oh onerous fate.

What did we do to incur such hate?

In horror time stopped as the buildings collapse.

All people one color, the color of ash.

The body, the priest, the firemen do lay

On the altar of His love, his sacrifice complete.

The octagon building, the pillar of strength

Spews forth its flames of torment and hate.

Home of the brave, gaping hole in its side,

Already has plans to avenge this demise.

A phone on the back of an airplane seat

Tethers a young man with Lisa his saint.

He learns of the losses his country endures.

No doubt in his mind the target, the flight.

Together they pray the prayer of the Lord,

With honor and courage he determined his fate.

“Let’s roll” his last spoken word.

Out of the ruins a crossed beam is found

Firemen, policemen, volunteers heads bow

Our tears as a nation they freely do shed.

We pledge allegiance to our United States

Land of the free.

God Bless America,

And forgive us our bombs

For terrorists have trespassed Thee.

Bernadette Recker


the rain softly

on the roof sleeps

then sinks on through

to my cheek

the spring of grief

filling my world

with springs relief

flash floods


goodbye again



canyons keen

a sobbing child

a weeping widow

this burly mountain woman

slumped in defeat

the tears softly

to him speak

but no rain sinking

interrupts his

oblivious deep

Meg Robinson

Now and There

Sometime forever

no matter the distance,

always blending together

there I’ll be.

Sittin’, workin’, and dancin’,

thinking about you.

Flying high and lurking low,

wherever I go with that roseland glow,

there you’ll be.

Reflection shows,

the amount of love that is known.

Seeking eternity,

that’s the way it goes.


Listening at Lake Dillon

It surrounds me.

The Sound.

A horseshoe clinks against a stalwart post.

Castenets tick tinny cantatas through old radio speakers.

A tawt line pings, reeling in a squirming Spotted Brown.

A sleek boat whooshes through steady water.

Pristine bicycles zip by, smiles beneath helmets.

And the laughter surrounds me.

It surrounds me.

The Quiet.

Above shimmering lake, peaks so grand they frighten my soul.

Trees so oderous they invade my teeming senses.

Sweet new flowers so intense they burn my sight.

And the peace surrounds me

Lennie Singer


If forever was forever

We would always be

Yet it seems good-byes come too soon

Forever doesn’t seem to be forever anymore

Without forever there seems to be so much pain

So why do we promise forever anymore

For today I’ll be

with tomorrow’s dawn our forever may not be

Hopefully forever never ends

Mike South

“Heaven, Hell, and Everywhere Inbetween”

A lone boy rests in the dark woods of aimlessness.

Suddenly a light appears

With visions of bliss,

And words of harmony.

Brilliant realisms refract in the boys mind,

Changing, forming, crying out . . .

Where am I?

Second stop, dropped!

Almost went of the deep end.


Jeffrey R Spencer

The Badge

Like a tale of blue and gold you see

Of fire and steel and humanity

These men and women of old and history

They save our faith and love you see

They are called to serve us well

To save us from the Devil’s Hell

so they fail, so they tried

all too many of them have died

these men and women, I have seen

The love and power that they bring

We have fait in what they see

The law and love of humanity

They risk their lives, in spite of lies

To save us from the Question Why

Donald Edward Winchel, Jr.

“You’re The Girl”

You’re the girl,that I was thinking of…

Although in life, I’d never seen your face.

Deep in my heart, you had a place.

I knew you existed, We danced in my dreams.

Almost nightly, or so it seemed.

We danced in the dance halls, and danced in the bars.

We danced in the heavens, across the stars.

After I married, in my dreams, you stayed there.

But never did I, these dreams of mine share.

Now I have proof, that you are real.

I must ask this question, of wonder I feel.

You’re the girl, I was thinking of.

But where were you, when I was falling in love?

A Gentleman In Georgia

Middle School Category

Patrick de Ville

Visiting, visiting, visiting

Scared, scared, scared

Loving, loving, loving

No more words can express the emotions

We felt about you

You were my motorcycle dad

You were always there

You dodo brain

Cancer, cancer, cancer

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Pain, pain, pain

The horror

Nurses, doctors, help

Special food

I still need you

I still love you

Smoke, smoke, smoke

Country music, cowboy

Belgium, Pierre, Ginette

Family, family, family

3 months to live

Nope 18 is what you lived

You were amazing

You always acted like a 12 year old

With not a care in the world

Living everyday like it was the last

Boars, boars, boars

You loved me with all you had

You reached for my hand and touched my heart

I love you

kate de decker


Far away I watch from here

Stars that are nowhere near

Millions of miles away

Bright clusters shimmer and stay

Magically dazzling up above

Making me fill with love

But why don’t the stars come down

It makes me whimper and frown

So tonight before I go to bed

I will kneel and rest my head

And pray to the lord to send me a star

From the sky that is so far

Next my mom is calling me

And I open my eyes to see

The fluffy clouds that are nowhere near

And wonder why they never come here

Allie Esparza

I love

I love you like the moon shines high

I love you like the stars in the sky

I love your smile your laugh your wit

When I’m with you my day is lit

I love the way you tell me it’s okay

I hope I will be like you some day

I love the way your there for me

You make the blur clear so I can see

I love when you tell me you love me

It warms my heart like a cup of hot tea.

Mom how much I love you I can not express

Though when I’m by you I feel happiness

AnnaLise Hafliger

Life is…

Life is about excitement.

Life is about learning and even enlightenment.

Life is about success whatever it may be.

Whether you live in a big house or under a tree.

You choose what success is and what it means to you

As long as you’re happy, with all that you do.

Life isn’t about making the big cut or living apex.

It’s about finishing what you start and then going on to what is next.

Life isn’t about being number one.

It’s about finishing with your personal best and then saying “Yeah, that was fun”

You only live once.

Sara Lindblom

Three Blocks Away

Like a lightening storm Zeus creates

The disturbing stench of ash lingered in the air

Sewer-like streets deluged with water

White paper cranes reaching with their arms, ready to snatch debris from Ground Zero

The cold metal fences adorned with signs of wishes and respect

Morose army men lending a caring hand

A puzzle of hope on skyscraper walls

Nets protecting buildings from smoke like a cobweb in a dusty cabin

Pages of dark history turning before my wide eyes

New York is not the same

Hades could not do better himself

Amy Mallouk

My Life

My life is basketball

On the court

Shooting and scoring as I please.

This game takes talent

And a team

You must take charge on the scoreboard.

For if you don’t there comes

A consequence

That you can’t believe

You lost, you lost

I know it’s hard to see

This is the game of frustration and pride

This is the game of dominating your rival.

This is the game of cheer and laughter.

This is the game, the game of basketball.

Jamming Jordan jumping high

Scoring repetitiously.

We won the game, we won, we won!

And that’s when you can finally say.

That this is definitely a kodak moment.

Jordan McCarthy


Thank you for the times you were there,

the times I was overwhelmed with despair.

Thank you for the times you shared my happiness,

you knew what it was like, that feeling of bliss.

Thank you for the times you wiped away my tears,

and thank you for the times you scared away my fears.

Thank you for the times you held me near,

you made it all better by just being here.

Thank you for the times when you made me feel better,

the times I was feeling down and my cheeks could be no wetter.

Thank you.

Jen O’Neill

Angel Sing

Fly, Fly, Angel Sing.

True of heart and straight of wing.

In the sky, up you go.

Don’t wait for us way down below.

Fly, Fly, Angel Sing.

Fly away imagining.

In the Sky you will climb

far beyond the hands of time.

Fly, Fly, angel Sing.

Be happy now, forever more.

Like a dove you will soar,

out of bed and through the door.

Fly, Fly, Angel Sing.

Take your song on little wings.

You’re free again, good-bye, good-bye.

I can see you way up high.

Fly, Fly, Angel Sing.

True of heart and straight of wing.

In the sky, up you go.

Don’t wait for us way down below.

Laura Reichardt


Cute brown eyes staring with undying love

Large ears listening to my woes

Big smile – Proud tail

Showing me her happiness

My friend, my confidant, my dog, Spirit

Howling is her talk

Prancing is her walk

Cuddling is her touch

My friend, my confidant, my dog, Spirit

Making me laugh

Taking long walks

Laying her head on my leg

My friend, my confidant, my dog, Spirit

Mountain hiking is her joy

Throwing bones into the air is her game

Spreading happiness is her way

Keeping her in my heart is forever

My friend, my confidant, my dog, Spirit

Sara South


High School Category

The Bike

It has two wheels

But no keels

It like the dirt

Like in Joe dirt

It is fun but dangerous

But only when riding outrageously

The bike

As good as a kit.

Gary Beresford


Poem for my chrome dome

Dome for my chrome poem

Corn for my torn horn

Horn for my torn corn

Cheese for my large knees

Knees for my large cheese

Ryan Bruce


Speed, what is speed? Is it for the speedy or the needy. There is no better feeling than when your are going down the street at 100+ mph. To have everyone eating your dust shifting thought all six gears, and then getting everyone’s attention just be revving your motor louder then everyone your racing. When your car is so much better then everyone in your town and everyone knows you by the sound of your car. I love to go fast and just see how fast I can make things go.

J.R. Freeman


What to do, where do I go?

I’m lost and scared and I just don’t know

I have no one I’m all alone

No one will hear me when I moan

What do I do who can I call I just don’t

know but I am beginning to fall

I close my eyes and wish for the best

as I feel the rocks stabbing through my chest

No one looks as I begin to scream no one cares do you

know what I mean?

When you’re all alone and there’s no one to call

You feel as if you are beginning to fall

Then you realize you’re not and your home safe in bed

It’s scary to be alone, It can mess with your head

Lauren Gentile


Everyone has a chance

But not all will succeed

If you happen to

You will be tested

And if you pass

You have won

Therefore you have succeeded

And you will receive what you have been longing for

But that my seem like all but nothing

Because what you want

You already have

And that is acting Bobby

Aaron Harvey

My Loving Mother

She’s there in the morning when I am asleep,

She wakes me up and tells me to eat.

She brought me up through times bad and good,

just the way a loving mother should.

She is there when I am sad,

but quickly makes me very glad

I like when we go on walks in the evening,

and I love when we tell each other all about our day.

The things we share I’ll cherish always,

The trust we have I’ll value forever,

and the love that binds us is tougher than leather

David Heckmaster

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