The Denver Water sucker punch |

The Denver Water sucker punch

It is not simply the decision to close the Dillon Dam Road that draws our anger.

It is the disrespect and disregard Denver Water shows county residents and

officials in giving just five hours notice that one of the county’s three primary east-west arteries would be closed.

Should we be surprised?

This was the same arrogant attitude Denver Water displayed last winter, when it closed the road repeatedly with little or no warning. It is as if closing the road is nothing more than line item on a “To-do” list for a clerk at a utility company and nothing more.

In plain terms, here is how Denver Water poorly communicated they were shutting down one of our busiest roads:

– They set up a meeting last week with county officials, noting no specific agenda. County officials, having been down this road before, knew something was up.

– When officials like Sheriff John Minor, county manager Gary Martinez and Commissioner Tom Long walked into Tuesday’s meeting, the terms for the closure were already completed and the announcement already written. The meeting, from the utility’s point of view, was merely a formality to communicate a decision already made.

– Denver Water allowed no attempt to negotiate, despite the very clear and legitimate objections voiced from county representatives. They maintain they control the road and their decision, regardless of its negative affect on thousands of people, would not be reconsidered.

It is mind-boggling no one representing the Denver Water at the very least acknowledged their own lack of tact and haughty conceit.

Because of Denver Water’s blatant disregard for the 8,000 daily users of the road, we strongly support our county officials in whatever attempt they make to reverse the decision.

The utility consistently has shrouded the public from policy decisions concerning the Dam Road, and so far, has offered no legitimate reason for closing it. They agree there is no terrorist threat, so with Denver Water offering nothing as a reason to close the road than what can be conjured by creative paranoia, we find county officials to be making a reasonable request to be given more time.

On Tuesday Denver Water’s management took a dictatorial position with Summit County. They should not be surprised that Summit County will stand up and fight back.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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