The flu: Let’s not panic |

The flu: Let’s not panic

Summit Daily editorial board

The tragic death last week of Bryan Pineda Rosas and the subsequent hospitalization of a child who tested positive for Type A flu has locals – most especially parents – on edge as the community ponders the question of what it all means.

It’s that not-knowing – or more precisely – what one should do that is at the root of the anxiety. Sniffles, coughs, sneezes have taken on a greater level of concern. While medical professionals are advising calling for advice, a mother can hardly be faulted for wanting their child to be seen and treated immediately. Nonetheless, it is sound advice to be heeded by all that is most needed at this time.

Though swine flu may prove to be no worse than any other seasonal flu (and it is important to note that people, young and old, die from seasonal flu every year), it does seem more alarming, given the cries of “global pandemic” that the media, most especially television, seem delighted to voice.

As a member of the media, the last thing we at the Summit Daily want to do is fan the flames of anxiety. Our goal is to work with official sources, medical authorities and the school district to provide the community the most reliable, most accurate information we can as soon as it is available. While we’re at it, we hope to dispel any myths or inaccuracies that might be floating around out there. An outbreak of flu is bad enough without hysteria causing unnecessary alarm. When we post stories on our website, we’d appreciate it if online commenters refrain from adding unsubstantiated rumor and unhelpful opinions to the mix.

Nearly all who’ve already suffered through a bout of the flu report it can be as nasty as any other flu, but something that it is over relatively quickly. For those at higher risk, greater precautions need to be taken, and we trust our local medical professionals to provide that information for those who need it.

Along with the rest of the Summit County community, we extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Bryan Pineda Rosas.

-The Summit Daily Editorial Board consists of Jim Morgan, Alex Miller, Ryan

Wondercheck, Matt Sandberg, Morgan

Liddick and Howard Hallman.

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