Things are heating up in Frisco |

Things are heating up in Frisco

Whitney Childers

I guess it just wasn’t quiet enough in Frisco.

Someone or something had to happen to liven up the small-town politics and social drama.

Talk – and rumor – of a golf course has replaced Harry Trubounis and his proposal for a nudie bar in town.

This most recent controversy (which is a bit contrived) surrounds the Save the Peninsula Coalition. The group is in the midst of gathering signatures in hopes of doing what Frisco town officials opted against – allowing Frisco voters to decide whether they wish town funds be used to plan, design or construct a golf course on the peninsula.

The group hopes to get enough signatures to put the question on the November ballot.

The controversy?

Well, it seems a couple members of the coalition last week were “peaceably standing on the far side of a wide walkway in front of the Frisco Post Office asking people if they wanted to sign the petitionS”

Apparently, this is a federal no-no. According to state and federal law, it is unlawful to solicit for signatures on public property. Bonnie Moscatelli, Mayor Bob Moscatelli’s wife, brought this to the attention of the town and the Postmaster. The petitioners were then asked to leave the area.

According to the petitioners, the next day, three Frisco police officers showed up to request these folks vacate the public property.

While I have, from time to time, complained Summit County politics and government is similar to that seen on the “Andy Griffith Show”, I now wish we had a little of that Mayberry tolerance.

Was it really necessary to send that many officers?

Would one officer suffice? Unfortunately, Frisco police may have fallen for an old trick. Obviously, the petitioners wanted to create a scene and bring attention to what they believed was a gross injustice on free speech and civil rights. However, the “scene” was somewhat innocuous and less than interesting.

And, let’s not forget the petitioners were in the wrong. I also have to wonder if the mayor’s wife would have been as stringent on informing the Postmaster and town if the group was soliciting for money to help starving children in Africa.

We recently received a press release from Doug Malkan, who is heading up the Save the Peninsula Coalition. In the release, he recounts his version of the incident, complete with spouts about free speech, democracy and armed officers.

If only it were that exciting.

While I don’t agree with Malkan’s attempt to overplay the incident, I do agree with his and the group’s mission.

While the town is only – I repeat, only – spending town funds to study what recreational opportunities are available on the peninsula, it is true a golf course might be on the radar screen.

The coalition has the ear of many folks in Frisco who don’t want a golf course. I think they just might get enough signatures to turn this thing into a November ballot question.

Frisco’s fairness and trust is less than perfect in the eyes of many residents. By deciding not to allow a public vote on this issue, town council members have ensured a battle with anti-golf activists.

Who knows? If there were a vote, it might turn out that 90 percent of residents want a golf course. Then, this issue might be moot – and at least we’d know.

Regardless, this so-called mini-drama in Frisco is heating up – sort-of – and I, for one, want a front-row seat.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Send me a letter to the editor and we can blissfully agree or agree to disagree. You tell me.

Send the letter to .

Whitney Childers is editor of the Summit Daily News and may be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 227.

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