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Letter to the editor: Yes, it’s time to pave Peak 7 roads

Kathie Kralik

I’ve lived on Peak 7 since 1988, and this is the first time I’ve voted yes to pave our roads. I’m not thrilled about needing to save $19,000, but I will start now by saving $150 a month so I’m prepared when our property tax increases in April 2021. I embrace the change and the improvements to Peak 7 without constantly dealing with blowing dust, mud, washboards, ruts, mag chloride year-round, vehicle damage, muddy dogs, dirty home and garage inside and out. All of Summit County has changed since 1988, and the amount of increased vehicles using Peak 7 roads is not going to stop. The gravel roads are no longer suitable for how our beloved Peaks 7 and 8 have grown and will continue to grow. As much as I miss how small our community used to be, the reality is we’re not going back. Paving costs will only continue to increase, and it’s inevitable that Peak 7 will be paved at some point. Let’s do it now before the costs continue to rise. Let’s enjoy the benefits of a clean paved road now. It’s time to vote yes.

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