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$0.02: Brady’s 10-0 will grow

Devon O'Neil

Honestly now, Tom Brady has to lose a playoff game sometime. The guy’s not perfect. Oh wait … yes he is. When it comes to postseason play, at least, Brady knows no feeling but the winning one.He of the three Super Bowl championships, the GQ image and the unflappable nerves is on his way to Denver, and the 10-0 playoff record is on the line. Just like his unbeaten streak has been on the line the previous nine postseason games. What must the Broncos do Saturday night that others have not been able to? Take a lead. A big lead. Then play not to lose by running the ball and controlling the clock. It seems to be the only way to beat Brady and the Patriots at this time of year. On the other hand, nobody has done it yet.

The Denver-New England playoff game is the sexiest of the weekend’s four by far. Pittsburgh-Indy should be a fun matchup, about as intriguing as the two NFC games combined. But not even Peyton Manning’s pursuit of the elusive ring trumps Brady’s visit to Denver.This sport is driven by quarterbacks, the men with the so-called “golden arms” who put the ball in the air and points on the board. As we all know, the Broncos haven’t won a playoff game since the great John Elway ruled the Rockies. Now, in order to do so, they must defeat the man who took the winner’s wand from Elway and has held it ever since No. 7 retired. I do not believe they will. On the road, in the Sudan, nothing seems to faze New England. And say what you will about a bye, momentum erases the freshness advantage. It will probably be close, but the Patriots look too good right now. New England 27, Denver 23. …As for the rest of the docket, Daniel Snyder’s superficial popularity among the rich crowd continues as Washington upsets Seattle, 20-10, in a pick I already feel wrong about. … The Bears can’t generate enough offense to back up their stingy defense, as Carolina wins 10-7. … And the Bus goes out with a whimper at the RCA Dome, leaving Indy within a game of the Super Bowl, 34-13. …

The Giants looked beaten up after Sunday’s physical home loss to Carolina, but as any hen can tell you, laying an egg is not easy on the body. …Talk about bad timing. Just a few days before Bode Miller’s ugly “60 Minutes” comments, the U.S. ski and snowboard teams announced they now have an “official pick-me-up beverage.” It’s not what you think, unless you think Dunkin Donuts iced coffee leaves you wasted in the morning. I have heard it does not. …Not sure you should care, but I am officially sick of our official everything world. And from a business standpoint, how does being the official this of that justify the millions it costs to be so known? Why not just give your employees raises and enhance their output? …The next women’s World Cup alpine races are scheduled for Jan. 13-15 in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria. Which begs the question: What – or who – is a Kleinkirchheim? …

In parting, did I miss something? Did Bruce Sutter become a better baseball player over the past 13 years? Didn’t think retired relief pitchers could do that. But there it was on Tuesday morning, the announcement that Sutter, on his 13th ballot, had finally been elected to the Hall of Fame. A player’s eligibility should not be subject to the absence of more worthy choices in a given year. The immortality offered by the Hall suffers.Devon O’Neil can be contacted at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13630, or at doneil@summitdaily.com.

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