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$0.02: Even Miami’s fans can’t bear to watch the bumbling Broncos

Devon O'Neil

We waited an entire offseason for that ? The Broncos can do better. I’m sure of it. Actually, I was pretty sure they weren’t going to lose to Gus Frerotte and Miami by more than three touchdowns, but they did anyway.So maybe I’m not as sure of Denver’s ability to do better than Sunday’s 34-10 shellacking, after all. Speaking of said shellacking, Webster’s definition of that word (“a sound drubbing”) couldn’t have said it better.Jake Plummer began his season with seven straight incomplete passes. Injuries to Mike Anderson (ribs) and Champ Bailey (shoulder) excepted, the rest of the team hopped on the misery bus shortly thereafter. For Broncos fans, it must have been like watching your dog get put to sleep.The statistics were ugly – Denver was outgained 426-312 (and it really wasn’t that close), including 151-70 on the ground – but the numbers were nowhere near as telling as the empty seats in the stands with plenty of time to go in the fourth quarter.

Who would have thought Dolphins fans actually left early because they were sick of seeing their team whoop, instead of get whooped? …I attended Wimbledon in 2001, the year Roger Federer announced to the tennis world he was here to stay when he upset Pete Sampras. The day after Federer’s shocking victory, a pair of Asian spectators ran up to me and asked for my autograph. “You Federer!” they shouted. “You beat Sampras!” At that time, of course, I had no idea who the guy was. All I knew was, I wasn’t him.Funny how quickly someone can go from a Swiss no-name to a player many are saying is the best they’ve ever seen – a player who improved to 23-0 in his last 23 finals matches by defending his U.S. Open title.I wasn’t around for Bjorn Borg. Nor was my tennis interest piqued when Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe or Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker were going at it. But I’ve seen the highlights, and Federer, with his one-handed rocket of a backhand and devastatingly precise forehand, is the best I’ve seen.

I was rooting for Agassi in Sunday’s U.S. Open men’s final. But deep down, I knew he hadn’t a chance …New Mexico State got $400,000 for traveling to Boulder for Saturday’s game against Colorado, a game in which the visitors were a 24.5-point underdog. The Buffs won 39-0. Or in other words, New Mexico State earned more than $10,000 per point it gave up …The Nuggets are advertising for a public-address announcer these days, a job the team called “a vital off-court position” in the press release. If you’re interested (seriously, I’m trying to get the word out here), send a résumé and tape or CD of a mock starting lineup announcement, as well as two minutes of “extra material,” to Pepsi Center, 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver, CO, 80204.

Beware: one of the qualifications is an ability “to interact in-game with the mascot, Rocky” …In parting, did it strike anyone else as weird to see male cheerleaders working the sidelines and end zone for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night? I mean, Ray Lewis plays for the Ravens.Devon O’Neil can be contacted at (970) 668-3998, ext. 231, or at doneil@summitdaily.com.

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