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$0.02: Potential NFL owner lies about little league. Great.

Devon O'Neil

Please tell me if I have this right. In a swift and unexpected turnaround, we’ve gone from celebrating Reggie Fowler as potentially the first black majority owner of an NFL franchise … to the guy who lied in his company bio about having played in the Little League World Series?Honestly, sports gods. You’ve gone too far here. We can take fans getting punched in the face by NBA superstars on live television. I suppose we can find it in our hearts to accept that Babe Ruth’s records may have met their match in steroids. And if we dig really deep, perhaps we’ll return as NHL aficionados if the league ever comes back.But a gazillionaire businessman lying about his wannabe exploits as a 12-year-old? C’mon. Take that stuff back to your neighborhood, Mr. Fowler. The NFL is about the only semiclean league left. Plus, it’s our favorite.

I know he might have the cash to buy the Vikings, but when the NFL owners decide whether to accept Fowler’s attempt to become one of them at the annual meetings in Hawaii in March, I hope they grill him about this little league fib before they accept his offer. And I certainly hope he doesn’t claim that he didn’t know about the discrepency.If ever there’s a common thread to tie our sports problems together, it’s the little bug that’s going around, the one where they all say: “It’s not my fault.” You know what I’m talking about? Barry Bonds didn’t know he was using steroids. The Pacers couldn’t help but scramble and leap into the stands to throw punches. And according to each party, somehow, the NHL lockout was “the other guy’s” doing …Moving on, I’d like to proclaim this my dream job: serving as a member of the selection committee for Olympic host cities. Honestly, I’ve thought it through, and I’m ready to accept this challenge. You think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding. Bye bye Summit Daily News, hello surf and turf …

The most compelling moment in the NBA All-Star Game was not Vince Carter’s dunk, the one where he nearly got his forehead above the rim. No, the best play for me became a non-issue, because they called Shaq for a foul when he appeared to pick Kobe’s pocket cleanly in the first half. I don’t much care for the way either player operates, but that would’ve been good comedy without the foul …Speaking of the All-Star Game, if I’m the NBA, I’m not hiring three country music acts to play at the premier event of the year. Especially not “Big and Rich,” whose mantra is “Country music without prejudice.” (Great.) I’ll bet it took poor ‘Melo quite a while to defend his city to LeBron and company after that one …So the Patriots tagged their kicker, Adam Vinatieri, as the club’s franchise player to protect him from free agency this week. The kicker, huh? Never gets old with that team …

In parting, I think it’s important we recognize a couple of our state’s own here. Defending national champion Denver is No. 1 in the latest Division 1 college hockey poll, and Colorado College is tied for second with Cornell. (So that nobody claims we’re biased, Bemidji State received two votes and Alabama-Huntsville got one.)Devon O’Neil can be contacted at (970) 668-3998, ext. 231, or at doneil@summitdaily.com.

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