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2016 3 On 3 At the Summit coed basketball tourney returns to Silverthorne July 30

2016 3-On-3 At the Summit

What: An annual double elimination basketball tournament for coed teams, with divisions for individuals and cash prizes for first and second-place finishers

When: Saturday, July 30 at 9 a.m

Where: Silverthorne Recreation Center basketball courts, 430 Rainbow Drive

Cost: $20 for individuals, $60 for teams

Registration closes on Friday. Teams are limited to four people and every team is guaranteed at least two games. Individual players are paired with other individuals before the tourney begins. Individuals are refunded the entry fee if there aren’t enough to make teams. To register or find out more, including full rules, see the website at www.3on3atthesummit.com.

Think there’s no basketball scene in Summit County? Think again.

This Saturday, the annual 3 On 3 At the Summit basketball tourney returns to the outdoor courts at the Silverthorne Recreation Center for a day of three v. three action. It’s a coed tourney, so that means if you’re still friends with members of both the varsity boy’s and girl’s teams from back home — or right here in Summit — now’s the time to assemble a high school dream team.

The tourney is open to teams of four (one bench player allowed) and has several age divisions, depending on how many players of different ages show up. Registration is available until this Friday online at the tournament website for $60 per team or $20 per individual player. For solo ballers, organizers will assemble teams of three or more based on the number of individuals. If there aren’t enough to field a team, you get your money back.

New to three-on-three ball? Here’s how it works: Each game is 25 minutes long. First team to 11 wins, and, if teams are tied at the end of regulation, it goes into sudden-death overtime. Field goals are worth one point, and planted shots behind the line (no jump shots) are worth two points. Both teams get one 45-second timeout, and you know games can’t end on a timeout. Cheater. There are fouls, so play clean, and teams change possession with every scored basket.

Things get started at 9 a.m. on the courts at Rainbow Park. That’s where officials get the teams sorted out and explain the rules before listing the order of play. Be sure to remember your photo ID. Once play starts, show up to your court at least 15 minutes before game time in case a match wraps up early.

Last but not least, come out to play a clean game. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun: You’re free to dunk, play with your boyfriend, play against your girlfriend, bedazzle team T-shirts or whatever. The tourney is a fundraiser for Summit High School basketball and the nonprofit Hoop Dreams, Inc., so treat it with respect.

Now, get your game face on. There’s a high school alumni dream team to build.

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