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2016 Keystone Big Mountain Enduro

Around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, I was riding the Summit Express chairlift to the top of Dercum Mountain at Keystone with a rider in the 2016 Keystone Big Mountain Enduro. The native of Omaha has been coming to Keystone for about six years now to test his grit on the steep and rocky terrain, and, when the BME series debuted a few years ago, he had to give it a try.

Why? I asked. Why make the 7.5-hour drive from Omaha — “You can do 6.5 hours if you’re hauling,” he said — just to pay $200 for two days of cheating death on the berms, drops and jumps of the bike park? He races in the amateur division, so even a small slice of the $45,000 prize purse for the six-race series is a long shot.

“This place is just too gnarly,” he said, noting that everyone back home in Omaha can’t believe he does this whole enduro mountain biking thing, either. “Keystone is where it’s at.”

Enough said.

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