Action County: Danny Teodoru |

Action County: Danny Teodoru

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Danny Teodoru was never really planning on becoming a Leadman – it just sort of worked out that way. It all started in early 2004 when Teodoru, who lives in Breckenridge, decided to apply for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race with a friend.”We were going to staple our applications together,” Teodoru explained. “It’s like a lottery – either you both get in or neither one of you gets in. So the idiot forgot to staple mine to his before he sent it in. The only way I could get into the race after that was through kind of a loophole. If you sign up for all five, you get in.”The five races Teodoru referred to are all prerequisites for earning the title of Leadman.Within the span of six weeks, Teodoru ran the Leadville Marathon, the Silver Rush (a 50-mile mountain bike race), the Leadville 100 (MTB race), a 10K race the day after the Leadville 100 and finally the Leadville 100 (trail running race).

“I’m glad it’s over – it was an awesome challenge,” Teodoru said in a recent interview. “It was just really intrinsically rewarding.”As could be expected, Teodoru’s ambitious undertaking was not without its perils.”My first year in the Leadville 100, I crashed my bike on mile 26 while eating a banana on a jeep road,” the New York native said. “I wasn’t paying attention and I hit a pothole or something, cracked my helmet in half, banged up my hip and shoulder and had to ride the rest of the way like that. I couldn’t really sleep that night and I had to do a 10K the next day, which sucked. Then I had like five days to get better and do the 100-mile run. I wouldn’t have done the run that year if I wasn’t already signed up for the whole Leadman. I was like, ‘I’ve got to finish now or else I’m going to have to come back and do it again next year.'”Teodoru, who grew up in New Jersey and met his wife Maria at Rutgers University, moved from Boulder (he attended law school at CU) to Summit County in 1999.After three years in the High Country, the assistant county attorney got serious about running for the first time.

“My wife wanted to do a marathon before she turned 30, so I said I would do it with her,” he said. “I just started running for the marathon and liked it, then someone mentioned the 100-mile race, so I got the stupid idea in my head.”Since running their first marathon together in Seattle, the Teodorus have run subsequent marathons in Venice, Italy, Paris, France, and Madrid, Spain.”There’s no better way to see a place than to run 26 miles through it,” Teodoru said. “We were hoping to do Amsterdam this year, but we’re having a kid.”Whenever the fit couple competes overseas, they stay together the whole way.”I’m like her donkey when I run with her,” Teodoru said. “I’ll run with a backpack and I get her water or give her lip balm and stuff like that.”

What do you like about endurance races?”I like the ultra-distance competitions because it’s a real gut check. It’s not just physical, so much is psychological – you just have to lock in and persevere. If you start thinking, ‘What the hell am I doing out here? This is ridiculous, it’s never going to end,’ then you’re hosed. The whole thing is keeping that voice out of your head.”What was the most recent marathon you ran?”I just did the New York City Marathon in November and I got to run next to Lance Armstrong. Everyone was screaming and going bananas the closer I got to him. I passed him, then he caught up to me later, and at one point we were side by side for 10 miles. When I got to mile 17, I had some shin splint issues and crapped out. I went there to break three hours and I missed it by a couple of minutes again.”

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