An ode to the next month and a half |

An ode to the next month and a half

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Devon O'Neil

Great time to clean the house.

Even better time to clean the dog.

When you can walk right down the center of your street and not have to worry about it.

When the sun sets later and the mellow hum of happy hour on a deck tugs at your shirt.

Great time to work on your bike.

Even better time to ride your bike.

When you can actually catch up on sleep, instead of just talking about your need to.

When going out to dinner costs half as much.

When you reintroduce your skin to the sun ” often while in the act of skinning.

When the town’s population drops.

And you realize all those people you thought might’ve moved were simply hibernating.

When the anxious and homesick birds return.

And the veteran birds say, “Someday they’ll learn.”

When you finally eject the ski flick that’s been in your VCR for the last three months, and replace it with something a little more seasonal … or a different ski flick to get you through the summer.

Great time to be outside.

Even better time to be outside sweating.

When the snow starts to melt and winter starts to fade and all you’re left with from six months of fun is the memories.

When you catch up on keeping in touch with the rest of the world, a.k.a. finally respond to your relatives’ e-mails without the empty promise known as “more later.”

When the newspaper snow report (inches) is replaced by the newspaper river report (cfs) and yet there never seems to be a drop in the number who read it.

When the rivers run absolutely wild.

When the winter snowpack becomes a spring snowpack, and there is suddenly no better way to spend a sunny day than by earning your turns.

When you see a lot of sunburned faces.

When the ski bummin’ diehards leave no doubt who they are.

Great time to check the peaks/pitches/lines off your list.

Even better time to discover more and file them for later.

When you take stock of your winter gear and decide what’s gonna stay and what’s gonna go, then start scanning the market for new stuff to replace the discarded.

Great time to watch paint dry.

Even better time to watch grass grow.

When you break in your glove all over again.

When word of dry singletrack spreads like word of free beer.

When you dust off the fly rod and get the shoulder in shape ” if you’re one of those year-rounders, when you finally return to reeling in trout without mittens.

When your suddenly expired seasonal employment leaves you broke.

And free.

When you finally break down and wash your snowpants.

When a day trip to Denver doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea anymore.

When the brooks start babbling again.

When the sailboats shed their plastic cocoons.

When nobody is busier than the golf course grounds crew.

Great time to get outta town and go somewhere warm.

Even better time to stick around and listen to the quiet.

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