Boarders duke it out for top title in Breck |

Boarders duke it out for top title in Breck

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BRECKENRIDGE ” At first glance, it would appear to be pure mayhem. Six skateboarders simultaneously weaving past one another inside of what resembles an empty swimming pool.

But then, just as it seems impossible to differentiate between the riders streaking by at speeds upwards of 20 miles per hour, one rider stands out.

He takes a sharp turn on the shallow end of the bowl and flashes towards the opposite side, picking up speed. When he hits the incline, he soars up and out of the skate park, clearing a four-foot-tall steal fence and lands on his board more than 20 feet away.

For local rider Sean Rodgers, this was arguably the trick that won him the open bowl title in the 10th annual Breckenridge SK8 Competition.

For many others, watching and competing, this was just one of the many highlights Saturday at the Breck skate park.

The tournament, which consisted of a street competition as well as the bowl, is Breck’s largest skateboarding championship.

Though bragging rights and merchandise prizes were on the line, Rodgers kept a level head through out, leading to his first place finish in the bowl and a third place showing in the street.

“I just really wanted to come out here and have fun,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to keep 100 percent true to skateboarding and doing what I love.”

In the street competition, Breck-resident Zach Uptegrove took home the top honor in the Open division with an array of tricks that kept the crowd buzzing.

“My main focus was just trying to relax rather than taking it too seriously,” Uptegrove said. “You don’t want to come out and treat it like it was something that was bigger than it was.”

Uptegrove also finished third in the open bowl division. Both events in the tournament, the bowl and the street, consisted of three divisions: Beginner, intermediate and open. All event and division winners were determined by a three-person panel of judges.

The street competition consisted of riders doing timed runs through the “street” portion of the park, which included rails, ramps and plenty of room for riders to pull tricks.

The bowl portion of the event was much different. The open division ran in what event coordinator Angus Morrison called “the death match.”

“Imagine this pool full of sharks and wanting to get in there,” Morrison said. “That’s how a death match works.”

All six riders who made it through to the finals competed for 15-straight minutes in the bowl at the same time.

The boarders rode in and out of the bowl, pulling tricks and also taking moments to rest. Judges kept track of the riders’ tricks through a system of tally marks.

“When a rider pulls off a trick, he gets a tally mark by his name,” Morrison said. “If he does some really big trick, then he might get two.”

Once the 15 minutes were up, the judges ranked the players top to bottom, based off their trick tallies.

Then the three judges conferred with one another to determine the winner.

“Our system in skateboarding is pretty loose,” Morrison said. “I mean, this isn’t like the Olympics with tons of rules and regulations.”

Finishing between Rodgers and Uptegrove in the open bowl division was Michael Debruno. Bradley Fallentin won the beginners division, and Derek Scott took home the intermediate title.

In the street competition, Josh Scott was the top beginner, while Michael Martinez won the intermediate title. Zach Rawls finished second, behind Uptegrove and ahead of Rodgers, in the open division.

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