Caleb Moore in desperate condition after X Games snowmobile crash |

Caleb Moore in desperate condition after X Games snowmobile crash

Jason Blevins
the denver post

Life is slipping away from Texas snowmobiler Caleb Moore after a horrific crash Thursday night at Aspen’s Winter X Games. Family of the 25-year-old athlete gathered Monday at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

“Caleb is not doing good at all,” Caleb’s grandfather Charles Moore told The Denver Post Monday afternoon. “The prognosis is not good at all. It’s almost certain he’s not going to make it.”

If indeed Moore loses his fight, it will mark the first fatality in the 17-year history of the Winter X Games.

Moore was injured Thursday evening during the snowmobile freestyle contest. He under-rotated a back flip and dug the skis of his sled into the lip of the landing.

The 450-pound, heavily modified Polaris snowmobile slammed Moore as he tumbled down the landing ramp, knocking him unconscious. When Moore came to, he was moving and asked his brother and fellow freestyle snowmobile competitor Colten what happened.

He was rushed to Aspen Valley Hospital with a concussion. Doctors there discovered bleeding around his heart and he was helicoptered to Grand Junction’s St. Mary’s Hospital. Doctors there performed emergency heart surgery Friday morning. Moore was recovering in intensive care for a heart contusion.

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