Cannabis for your workout: Four cannabis connoisseurs dish on their preferred strains when recreating |

Cannabis for your workout: Four cannabis connoisseurs dish on their preferred strains when recreating

Four years into cannabis' recreational legalization here in Colorado, different casual recreators and athletes choose different strains to enjoy, enhance and improve their personal recreation activity.
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It’s April 20, and you know what that means: The Summit Daily’s annual “Rocky Mountain Marijuana” publication is on newsstands.

Inside this year’s edition, you can find a feature story that provides a glimpse into a community that has grown here in Colorado since cannabis was legalized four years ago: cannabis-loving recreationalists.

But just like different people enjoy different things while consuming cannabis, these avid athletes also differ in the cannabis strains they prefer to consume before a workout — whether that be a trail run, yoga or a pick-up basketball game.

With that, here are four cannabis-connoisseur athletes, their preferred workout strain(s), and why:

Avery Collins, ultra runner, Steamboat Springs

Strains: Headband, Ghost Train Wreck

For: Trail running

Why: “It’s just a, I would describe it as a clear energizing high, which is great for a run.”

Strain: Lemon Haze

For: Trail running

Why: “Really more for the taste and the smell, I really like Lemon Haze, it’s a pretty standard mid-level sativa.”

Cameron Nedd, basketball player, Aurora

Strains: Purple Sherbert OG, Grape Ape

For: Basketball

Why: “If I had to pick indica or sativa and say one, I’d say indica for playing just because, with me, one of my things before I play, I might get too excited, nervous. An indica brings me down to where I need to be, slows the game down for me. The main thing is it brings me down to where I need to be.

“Purple Sherbert would probably be my number one to smoke before I play because it’s not the heaviest indica. It won’t make you sleepy or lazy, more of an indica hybrid, which gives you a nice relaxed quality and body high, it’s not completely debilitating.”

Lia Arntsen, long distance runner and yoga, Boulder

Strains: Durban Poison, Golden Goat, Stardawg

For: Trail running

Why: “Because of their terpene profiles. They are mood boosters, and also good for people who struggle with depression. For me, I smoke a bowl to not only go and run but to enjoy it as well. And if you’re looking for a less racy sativa, a Stardawg is excellent as well. Anything diesel as well. It’s nice and energizing for a run. But make sure your running clothes are on and your shoes are tied before you smoke that bowl. Because, if not, you’ll end up doing something else.”

Danie Oliveiro, long distance runner, Los Angeles

Strain: OG Kush

For: Distance running

Why: “I found out that THCv — this one cannabinoid — is common in African land strains. It’s an appetite suppressant, which makes you not hungry, and I went through a phase when I was not eating, so I need to be eating when exercising to help me keep growing. Durban Poison, Jack the Ripper, Cherry Pie, things of these nature have very high amounts of THCv. That’s great for someone on a diet, but for a guy like me who wants to gain weight, I want to be hitting the indicas. So I’m very much into OG Kush, that kind of a guy — everything ocean grown. If you go for a run with me, if you smoke a heavy indica, that runner’s high at the end of the run, it will feel so much more amazing. The heaviest indica at the dispensary is always what I grab. I enjoy sativas, but only every so often. If anything, they give me migraines.”

Read more about athletes and how they use cannabis to help with workouts in RMMJ magazine on newsstand now.

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