Deep powder cools Breckenridge’s Spring Fever Park Jam |

Deep powder cools Breckenridge’s Spring Fever Park Jam

Leo Wolfson
Special to the Daily
The Spring Fever rail jam at Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of the few remaining events at the resort before closing day on April 19.
Leo Wolfson / Special to the Daily |

Spring Fever Park Jam Winners

Men’s Ski

Vincent Renooy

Women’s Ski

Danielle Hammett

Men’s Snowboard

Joel Dalacker

Women’s Snowboard

Emily Blewitt

Big air, unique tricks and deep powder were the themes of the Spring Fever Park Jam at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

The weather for the Friday, April 17, event was unspringlike, with snow falling throughout the day on top of 10 inches from the previous night.

All that fresh snow made for slow conditions on the competition course, but the nearly two-dozen participants didn’t seem to mind.

It was the last jam of the Spring Fever series, and the choice of a free season pass or a $100 American Express gift card was on the line for the winners — all of whom chose the season pass.

Competitors took advantage of the unique rail setup that included a wallride feature, two closely aligned rails and a down rail. Creativity was paramount as combo maneuvers and transfers (jumping from one rail onto another) were being thrown left and right. The placement of the features allowed for athletes to string together multiple tricks in one run, which is a rarity in most rail jams.

“You see so many crazy tricks being thrown, it makes it fun to watch, but difficult to judge,” Spring Fever judge Pat Goodnough said.

Some riders even chose to use jumps for certain rails and to transfer to different unintended features. Breckenridge’s Vincent Renooy did just that with two massive airs from the jump off the wallride to the down rail about 25 feet away. This was good enough to earn Renooy first place in the men’s ski division. Canadian Joel Dalacker took home the top spot in men’s snowboard with smooth spins and technical tricks, such as his switch-270 rotation onto the down rail.

Talent was not lacking on the women’s side, either. Snowboarder Emily Blewitt of Madison, Wisconsin, earned herself a season pass for her show of technical mastery, throwing a 180-on-180-degree spin off the down rail.

“I landed a trick I’ve never landed on a rail this big before and just overall had so much fun. I’m very happy I’m in Colorado right now,” Blewitt said.

For the women’s skiers, Montana native Danielle Hammett earned frist place, linking together different features in one run, and throwing smooth tricks on and off the rails.

Despite less than ideal conditions, the event was a success and a great send off to the Spring Fever Park Jam series for 2015. Breckenridge closes today, Sunday, April 19.

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