Dorey claims first Dew Cup in men’s freeski superpipe finals |

Dorey claims first Dew Cup in men’s freeski superpipe finals

Janice Kurbjun
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Scores in the men’s freeski superpipe final Friday were all across the board, with skiers throwing big air in one run and wiping out in another.

Before the event began, Montana’s Tanner Hall said himself that he was going to be playing it safe in this competition, which kicks off the season for these athletes. Though he hucked himself high into the air and landed graceful runs, he placed sixth overall.

Canada’s Justin Dorey topped all competition in his first run (eighth in the 10-athlete rotation), which scored a 93.50 and put him in the lead over New Zealand’s Byron Wells, who was the first to crack the 90s with a 90.50 in his first run. Wells was pushed into second place with that first-run score.

“I couldn’t have started the season off any better,” said Dorey, who didn’t complete his second run because of an unknown injury that had him sliding into the corral appearing to be in significant pain. On the podium, it seemed the pain had passed.

“The snow held off long enough to get through the pipe without messing up the speed,” he added about the snow that began to fall toward the end of the event.

Dorey’s run consisted of a right double 1260 safety, left 900 tail, air-to-fakie, switch 720 Japan, alley-oop left flat 540 critical, left double 1260 Japan.

“I could not be in a better place in the world. I feel like a million bucks. The fact that there is only one stop at Dew Tour this year definitely puts a lot more pressure on us. It’s like X Games now. It is the same significance, maybe even more significant since there is only one Dew Tour and two X Games now,” Dorey said.

Meanwhile, Mike Riddle, who topped the charts in semi-finals, landed an 88.50 in his first run. When he tried to top Dorey’s run, he threw himself high into the air on the first huck but lost a ski on the landing, forcing him to go with a first-run score that was enough to land him third place.

Two-time defending Dew Cup champion Kevin Rolland (France) looked like he would be a contender again this year – it seemed even he was convinced – but an 88.50 and an 81.25 weren’t enough to get him above fourth place.

Avon’s Taylor Seaton made it to finals, but a 76.75 and a 74.25 weren’t enough to bump him up among the higher-caliber athletes.

California’s Brita Sigourney emerged the champion in Friday’s women’s freeski superpipe finals, turning her first run into her victory run with massive amplitude and big spins.

Her run consisted of an alley-oop 180, left side 900, alley-oop 540, left 540, right 540 and a left 720. It landed her a 90.25 from the judges.

“Winning this feels unreal,” said Sigourney, “especially coming off of a knee injury. The one-stop Dew Tour format added the pressure. I just didn’t expect any of this and am so happy.”

South Lake Tahoe’s Maddie Bowman took second with a score of 87.25 and Roz Groenewoud (Canada) took third with an 84.00.

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