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Evans: Some time out to run and think

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Sports editor Bryce Evans

I hate running. Plain and simple. From as far back as I can remember, I’d do pretty much anything to get out of it. If I had the choice between jogging a lap or doing push-ups as punishment during a practice growing up, I was on the ground faster than a European soccer player can flop.

But now that I’m starting to get a bit older, and my days of calling myself an athlete are gone, I need a way to not let my Italian genes kick in. Basically, I just don’t want to end up looking like a walking ravioli.

This is why running has become part of my (semi) daily life.

My wife – who’s a former college athlete – has been nagging, er, bad choice of words, persuading me to start running for a while now. Finally, about a week ago, I caved.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve started to enjoy it. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. But I have found a way to get through it: thinking. Or maybe I should say constructive thinking.

Really, I just try to think about any in-depth issue I can, just so I’m not paying attention to my legs turning into Jell-O or feeling like I’m breathing through a straw.

And, as you might expect, my thoughts usually turn to sports.

I try to keep it positive, though.

For example, if I’m trudging up the switchbacks in Breck’s Carter Park, I’m not going to dwell on the fact the Cubs have won nine out of 12 games and are still not in first place in a weak division. Instead, I should be excited that, after a horrendous start to the year, the Northsiders are back in contention.

Get the idea?

This is what I was doing Saturday morning. There were a couple issues running through my mind that I didn’t think were quite big enough for their own column, but good enough to share with you. So, here you go …

1. LeBron James’ new book: OK, so he’s 24 years old, has played professionally for a shorter amount of time than Pauly Shore was famous and has never won anything. Seems like a perfect time to release an autobiography that he didn’t write. Excerpts from the book show that he talks about struggling with fame at such a young age, and he admits to smoking marijuana – once. Are we supposed to feel bad for LeBron that he was making eight figures as a teenager or that he was anointed the “King” of basketball without ever ruling anything? Either way, I love the timing of it, considering he’s been getting shellacked for the past few weeks for being a sore loser when a college kid dunked on him in a camp he was running.

2. T.O.’s reality show: No, I haven’t watched it, and, no, I don’t plan on ever watching it. The real reason that this interested me is that it got me thinking about how pro sports are really just a reality show. Think about it. The “real” lives of athletes are broadcast over ESPN every day. These guys blog, Tweet and really let fans into their heads. Not to mention Sportscenter reports an extreme amount of off the field stories. Just a thought.

These are things that I normally wouldn’t spend much time thinking about, that is, unless I’m doing something about as fun as sitting in a dentist chair.

I guess I can thank running for that, not to mention helping me think of an idea for this column.

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