Golf pro tip: Aim smart, shoot within your ability to avoid hazards |

Golf pro tip: Aim smart, shoot within your ability to avoid hazards

To go or not to go? That is the question. Given the scenario shown in the picture above, the question is not whether to try to go over the water; it is should I go directly for the pin or not?

The overall distance to the hole is not overwhelming, but the pin placement certainly can be. It’s tucked behind the right side bunker in this instance.

Your skill level and club selection should determine which highlighted oval to pick for your target. The three colors are setup like a traffic light. If you are a high handicapper and thinking about going for the pin, stop. That’s not a good choice.

The water and sand bunker protecting the flagstick demand pinpoint accuracy as well as an exact distance. High handicappers need to go for the green oval. It’s the shortest route over the water and doesn’t flirt with the right-side sand bunker. You’ll have a longer putt to the pin, but you won’t be adding penalty shots to your score using this approach.

In golf, good thinkers outscore poor planners.

Mid-handicappers use caution. Go for the yellow. You have the skill for accuracy, but this route gives you plenty of green to work with without stressing the pinpoint distance necessary for the red oval.

Low handicappers often opt for the yellow route just to avoid making a big number. Remember, good thinkers outscore poor planners.

From The Lesson Tee with John Fleming, PGA Master Professional. Fleming is also a golf pro at the Breckenridge Golf Club.

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