Golf Tip: Stop the unncessary three putts |

Golf Tip: Stop the unncessary three putts

Special to the DailyRobbins Manley

Editor’s Note: The Summit Daily News will be running golf tips periodically through the rest of the summer.

Have you ever three putted from five feet? I’m sure everyone has (whether they like to admit it), but solutions do exist. The problem is, we get so concerned about making the putt that we forget about distance control. Distance control is our primary concern on any putt outside of our comfort zone. What I mean by “comfort zone” is the distance of a putt that a player thinks he can make 90 percent of the time. This distance will be different from player to player. To find out what your comfort zone is, try putting 10 balls from your current comfort zone.

If you make nine out of 10 then you are on track. However, if you do not make nine, move closer to the hole until you do.

I will bet you move much closer than you originally thought you would.

Now that your comfort zone has been established, remember, if you are outside of this distance, your primary concern will be controlling the speed so your next putt will be within your comfort zone.

When controlling the speed of a putt, pay close attention to uphill and downhill putts. The downhill putts are the ones that will cause you the most trouble.

How many times have you had a four-foot putt above the hole just to have six-footer coming back? You must focus on hitting the first putt into your comfort zone. The more you practice, the larger your comfort zone will become.

We are all going to three putt from 40 feet some of the time. What we cannot afford to do is three putt from five or six feet. Remember to focus on your speed control and more putts will start to fall.

For further information, call Robbins or any other pro at (970) 453-9104.

Robbins Manley is a PGA professional at the Breckenridge Golf Club.

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