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Hard-boot snowboarding demo at Copper Mountain

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Summit County, Colorado

Most of Bomber Industry’s customers aren’t your typical snowboarders.

“Most of my customers average 35-plus years (in age) and are tired of hucking themselves off of jumps and such just to get a new thrill,” said Michelle Juneau, chief administrative officer of Bomber Industries.

And for others looking for something new on the mountain, the Silverthorne-based company is letting people get a free taste of Bomber’s hard-boot snowboard bindings Friday at Copper Mountain.

The company will be holding a free demo session and will supply participants with boots, boards and bindings.

Hard-boot snowboarding, though relatively uncommon, provides riders with better ability to make turns, Juneau said. With specially made plastic boots – that are not the same as ski boots – Juneau said a rider has better control of their board.

The common misconception about the sport is that hard-boot boards are solely for racing.

“About 99 percent of my customers are not racers, just free carvers that want to make really nice g-force … turns down the hill,” Juneau said.

Bomber has been making bindings for such boards since 1993 and hosts the Summit Expression Session each year in Aspen to help promote the sport.

For more information on the event and Bomber, visit bomberonline.com.

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