It’s not goodbye Summit, just see you around |

It’s not goodbye Summit, just see you around

Sebastian Foltz

From outdoor news to high school sports, for the last two years I’ve had the good fortune to share your stories, Summit County. Whether it’s been about backcountry travel or whitewater paddling, athletes with Olympic aspirations, freshmen state champions or a kid who could score on a throw-in if soccer rules allowed it, it’s been a pleasure. But the time has come for this mountain sports junkie to move on to the next challenge.

I only hope you enjoyed my work half as much as I enjoyed doing it.

You may still see my byline from time to time moving forward, but it won’t be as Summit Daily’s sports editor. It’s time for someone else to fill those shoes.

Before I go, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the kind words these last two years, and thank you for letting me tell those stories. Thank you for welcoming me on your sidelines, in your halfpipes, on your trails and in your boats. Thanks also to a newsroom full of some pretty solid reporters and a pair of copy editors who made my words read better than they did when I wrote them. And thanks to a managing editor who took a chance on a freelancer.

Coming from a freelance background, I didn’t truly appreciate the feel of a community newspaper until I came here. You made me feel right at home. I’ll miss those moments, those phone calls, those sideline or slopeside conversations, those exchanges over a pint.

It’s been a blast and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You’ve made me feel like a part of the community and I’ll miss that most of all.

But that relationship’s not going anywhere, just the job. So with that in mind, it’s not goodbye so much as it is a see you out there, on the slopes, on the river and on the trails. Thanks again Summit County. Until next time.

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