Join the World’s Largest Swim Lesson in Silverthorne on June 22 |

Join the World’s Largest Swim Lesson in Silverthorne on June 22

Summer means swimming season. Are you ready?

On June 22, don your trunks or bathing suit and head to the Silverthorne Recreation Center for the annual World’s Largest Swimming Lesson. The event begins at 11 a.m. with free registration, followed by a 30-minute swim lesson at 11:30 a.m. More than 600 locations in 20 countries are participating in the lesson, according to the recreation center, which truly makes this one of (if not the) biggest swim lesson in the world.

The World’s Largest Swim Lesson is the final event in National Water Safety Month, a month-long initiative that takes place in May to support ongoing public education on water safety and always being water aware. More kids drown in June than any other month, according to WLSL organizers, but research shows an 88 percent decrease in drowning risk for kids ages 1-4 years old who take formal swim lessons. Being safe in and around the water requires more than just swimming lessons, the rec staff said, but learning to swim and exposure to other water safety-skills builds a lifelong foundation for drowning prevention.

To find out more about WLSL, call the rec center at 970-262-7370.

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