Lacrosse with a twist |

Lacrosse with a twist

Summit's Brandon Cross drives past an Eagle Valley defender during the 2015 season opener against Eagle Valley. This season's team looks to continue the winning tradition.
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The Summit lacrosse season is starting to wrap up for the summer, but not before going out with one final bang. Today and Sunday, the Summit Stix Lacrosse Organization will host the 1st Annual Summit Scramble Lacrosse Tournament, at the Breckenridge Recreation Center and Blue Elementary North Softball Field. Not your typical tourney, the scramble format brings together individual players, and places them randomly, on newly created teams.

Two different age levels will compete, with youth (6th-8th grade), and high school/adult divisions. The wide age range in the adult division should create some interesting experience dynamics and variety of play.

“It’ll be guys you don’t typically play with, and you have to find a way to play with these teams that you haven’t practiced together with, and we just throw them out there,” said event organizer Cameron Laidlaw with a small chuckle.

And that’s not the only leap of faith. Game formats will also be unique, with two game styles held, both differing from traditional 7v7 lacrosse. One of these will be “Chumash.” Chumash, an exciting playing style similar to half-court basketball, involves 3v3 action, on a thinner, half-length field, with no goalie and one, smaller-sized net. To score, players must start a possession at midfield, and can score by hitting any part of the net with the ball.

“It’s a much quicker pace, with more scoring … but you’d be surprised how much harder players find it hitting those smaller triangular goals,” explained Laidlaw.

“It’s (Chumash) pretty new, so it should be fun to see how guys try and figure it out that don’t really know what they’re doing,” explained local lacrosse player David Morris with a laugh.

All Chumash games will take place at Blue Elementary.

In the other game format, teams will play 5v5 games. These will be played with all the same rules as Chumash, but will take place on the wider, Breck Rec Center Turf Field, and with two nets instead of one.

“Compared to normal lacrosse … much faster, more space, more room to operate, more up and down the half field,” explained David Morris. “It’s exciting, a lot of ground balls.”

Both Chumash, and 5v5-style games will only be 20 minutes long (running clock), but that doesn’t mean players won’t get a workout. Every team will play each other in both formats, and by the time the tournament is over, each participant will have played in a whopping 7-8 games. Additionally, adult championship games will feature two, 20-minute halves (running clock).

“They’re going to be busy from start to finish, they’ll have a few minutes between games,” Laidlaw explained. “But they’ll be tired by the end.”

After round-robin style play today and Sunday morning, championship games for Chumash, will be held, based on the top two seeds. For youth 5v5, this same format will hold, but for adult 5v5, things will have an interesting twist. In this championship, 1st/4th and 2nd/3rd place teams will combine, for a full-sized, traditional game on the Turf Field. Winning teams will be awarded with trophies (5v5) and medals (Chumash).

Having a scramble format like this and combining teams in Adult 5v5, creates for a more fun-focused event, with potential for great camaraderie among players.

“It should be a fun weekend … there’ll be younger players mixed with old guys like me … not super competitive, more of a relaxed atmosphere. It fosters a lot of friendship when you’re paired randomly with guys or maybe play against a lot of guys you know,” explained Morris.

Teams that will have just finished playing each other will join forces to go after 1st. Those teams that may have struggled will combine with teams that had more success, thus, giving everyone a legitimate chance at taking the ‘ship. Additionally, without the pressure of formalized teams and coaches, players can let-free and just play lacrosse, in one last summer hurrah.

“It’s our last event for the summer, so it’s just a good opportunity to get out, play a lot of lacrosse, and meet some people you’ve never played with before,” said Laidlaw. “We’ve gone to some scramble tournaments, and we thought to ourselves, ‘Why don’t we host a tournament, we can totally do that.’”

Laidlaw was most certainly right. Although in its’ infancy, the tournament has already drawn a stellar turnout for its’ inaugural year. 47 players have already signed up, that will comprise four adult, and three youth teams, each with around 6-7 players. In addition, there will be a commemorative t-shirt available for $20 that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, with additional donations also accepted for the organization.

Registration is open until the start of the first game today (adult: 10 a.m., youth: 11 a.m.), at the Rec Center Turf Field. For more information visit

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