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Lessons learned from a weeked of nuptials and pigskin

It was a watershed weekend.

Last Saturday, I attended my best friend’s wedding in Boston, then on Sunday, I returned to Foxborough, Mass., – the scene of many father-son Sundays – with my pops to relive old times and watch the Broncos soundly beat the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots.

Two huge events, one weekend, and I’m still not sure which was the climax.

I am sure of a few things, though:

n My preseason (OK, early season) pick of the Broncos going to the Super Bowl is intact. It’s even bolstered during this, their bye week. At 6-2, Denver is the most complete team in the NFL. Go ahead, name a weakness. Punter? The only question is, can they put it together in January? Their roster answers that one. Much of the team already has won two Super Bowls, and it wasn’t that long ago. These players are proven big-game winners.

n Roasting your friend with a toast on his wedding day is only a good idea if you’re funny. Don’t – do not – start pointing out shortcomings and rehashing embarrassing stories about the bride or groom unless you have a punch line. Otherwise you come off as tearing someone down on their wedding day. Believe me, I saw it happen. Everyone in the room was sweating. It was horrible.

n On the other hand, there’s nothing better than a good wedding toast. Mix in just the right amount of humor with a hefty dose of sentiment, and you have a memorable moment to be enjoyed on video for eternity. A good toast will also win you friends and influence members of the opposite sex, whose radar is always heightened during a wedding. It’s a well-known theory.

n Ed McCaffrey proves that another word for underrated is white. How can one receiver play 12 productive seasons, establish himself as one of the toughest, most reliable starters in the league and still be considered the third priority for opposing defenses? I saw him catch eight balls for 116 yards Sunday against the Patriots, who were too busy worrying about Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, even Clinton Portis. I’m not saying it’s because of his pale skin, but I’m not ruling it out.

n “You just need to find the right partner.”

This truism was uttered by my friend’s new girlfriend at the wedding. You have to understand Scott. He is the type of guy you’d never find on the dance floor. Rock ‘n roll, hop-hop, the Horah … it doesn’t matter, Scott is glued to his seat.

But this time was different. Scott was there with his new woman, whom he just moved in with. By the time the band had buttered up the crowd with the first bars of the Chicken Dance, Scott was out there, partnered up and cutting the rug. For those of us who have known him since grade school, it was astonishing.

And his girlfriend, huge smile, following Scott’s lead explains, “you just need to find the right partner.” So true.

n Despite very, very popular opinion, alcohol and football don’t mix. It’s one thing to have a drink at home or at a bar while watching the game on TV. It’s another to get hammered in the stands. As things got worse for the Patriots Sunday, the fans at Gillette Stadium got progressively drunker and more agitated.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was hit with a beer bottle as he walked onto the field in the closing seconds; a guy in my section got kicked out for standing on his seat and spilling brew on an older woman who was still clinging to hope that the Pats might pull out a win; this wasted college yahoo grabbed my dad’s hat on the way out of the stadium and ran off into the crowd screaming incoherently.

A passionate fandom and beer is a bad combination. Save it for your best friend’s wedding.

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