Olympic odds, ends & trends: Red Gerard’s sense of humor shines through on Jimmy Kimmel Live | SummitDaily.com

Olympic odds, ends & trends: Red Gerard’s sense of humor shines through on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In today’s Summit Daily News Olympic odds, ends and trends, Red Gerard’s laid-back, dry sense of humor shines through on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Summit Stat: 30

The approximate number of minutes Red Gerard said it took his brother to get through security before flying the 13 hours back from South Korea to the United States. Gerard relayed the info while making an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live late night show earlier this week, and said a few pesky screwdrivers caused the delay for his kin. Meanwhile, the Silverthorne resident Gerard didn’t have anything close to a snafu when transporting the metal that was his newly won Olympic gold medal.

“I actually just put it in the backpack, and nothing happened,” the 17-year-old snowboarder told Kimmel. “I went right through.”

“My jacket was missing … I had to borrow (Mack’s) jacket. He was a lifesaver. It was crazy. I would have been done-zo.”Red Gerard

Kyle Mack: The ‘Lifesaver’

Gerard was so laid-back in the lead up to the Olympic snowboard slopestyle final that he ended up waking up late for his big day.

Enter his good friend Kyle Mack, the 20-year-old Olympic snowboarder originally from Michigan who now lives just a short bike ride away from Gerard’s Summit County home — one Mack said he “practically lived in” for a time before making the full-time move to Silverthorne himself.

Gerard told Kimmel that the night before the event, he and Mack watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix before hitting the hay.

The next morning, Gerard missed his alarm.

“My jacket was missing,” Gerard recalled of the hurried morning. “I had to borrow (Mack’s) jacket. He was a lifesaver. It was crazy. I would have been done-zo. I was running around the house in the morning.

“I did want my jacket,” Gerard added. “It was a small jacket, like a size ‘small’ jacket, and I had to step it up to a large. It was down at my thighs.”

“As if you didn’t look young enough?” Kimmel replied through laughter. “Now you’re wearing your, like — it seems like your dad’s coat.”

“It was a really hectic morning,” Gerard replied. “It was something else.”

The art of shotgunning beers

Though Gerard is just 17 — and though he relayed to Kimmel over the course of the dry-humored conversation that he himself didn’t shotgun any beers — Gerard didn’t mind sharing his family’s shotgunning strategy.

Kimmel asked Gerard about the reported fact that the snowboarder saw Snapchats the morning of his gold medal win of several of his 18 family members in attendance shotgunning beers at 8:30 in the morning.

“They were shotgunning the classic way where you put the key in the thing?” Kimmel asked.

“No,” Gerard replied, “it’s all about the thumb. You get the good angle, you just, you put the thumb through.”

“Oh, there’s a new way?” Kimmel asked

“Nah. Come on, dude,” Gerard replied. “That’s been around.”

“I’m going to remind you that you are 17,” Kimmel said. “So you know a lot about this stuff?

“Oh, no, no, no,” Gerard said with a straight face as the crowd chuckled.

“Nothing like that,” Kimmel himself said through laughter.

“No,” Gerard replied. “Not at all.”

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