On The Hill: Flipping The Wailer at Vail in honor of Ben Hinkley (snow video) | SummitDaily.com

On The Hill: Flipping The Wailer at Vail in honor of Ben Hinkley (snow video)

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VIDEO: Ben Hinkley passed away earlier this week and he had strong ties to our state. There will be a service for him in Denver in the weeks to come. Hinkley was the real deal. An ex diver… he brought a mastery of the flip and fearlessness to snowboarding that was electric. He was most famous for his trick the Lawn Dart front flip and he also pioneered the double flips back in the day. He was on the Cover of Snowboarder in May 99′ and ripped harder than most do now before the turn of the century. We were at the Wailer at Vail scoping the set up for St. Pat’s and sent off in honor of Hinkley.

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Breckenridge official report: 0″, 0″, 0″

Summit Daily field report: Gray day but burning off somewhat. Temps and conditions are good. We have a skimo race happening today.

Weather: High of 48, low of 21. Cloudy.

Lift lines: Going to be seeing some Saturday crowds but overall it won’t be too bad.

Breakdown: It was a warm morning with a beautiful golden sunrise. The clouds then moved in and we are hoping to get a little snow coming our way.

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