Peace Park 5.0: Danny Davis’ newest terrain extravaganza premieres Nov. 27 on ABC |

Peace Park 5.0: Danny Davis’ newest terrain extravaganza premieres Nov. 27 on ABC

Danny Davis and crew are at it again in Grand Targhee, Wyoming with the latest version of the pro snowboarder’s madhouse Peace Park. Since debuting in 2011, the Peace Park concept has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in a terrain park with hips, snakes, modified quarter pipes, step-downs and more. The latest iteration, dubbed #PeacePark16, makes its TV debut on Nov. 27 at 2 p.m. when ABC premieres a 22-minute edit featuring Davis and a slew of pros doing what they do best: playing in the snow — and making it look damn good.

If you miss the premiere, head to iTunes on Nov. 29 for the complete 40-minute edit. As in years past, the 2016 Peace Park pushes the creative and stylistic culture of snowboarding by evolving the traditional halfpipe build, according to a release from sponsor Mountain Dew. This means expanding beyond the pipe’s original competition-style layout to include fun, park-like features that are inspired by both skateboarding and surfing. Each year, Davis works with Mountain Dew and Snow Park Technologies to help design the park, which is a course like no other in the world. Then, Davis ups the ante by inviting handpicked elite riders to showcase their unique styles on the mountain.

“Peace Park is a constant evolution built around snowboarding, music and friends, and designed to continue to instigate inspiration not only on the competitive side, but also with the sport overall,” said Davis in the release, noting that good friend and roommate, Chris Emmington, wrote the soundtrack with his band, Easy Giant.. “I’m really stoked that Mountain Dew remains dedicated to supporting these passions of mine. Snowboarding is fun and inventive, and I want to continue to share that with the world through Peace Park each and every year.”

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