Pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo’s video log takes you to Copper Mountain’s public park |

Pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo’s video log takes you to Copper Mountain’s public park

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screen grab from 'Still Go Time part 1,' where X Games gold medalist Torstein Horgmo takes viewers to the Big Island terrain park at nearby Copper Mountain. The park is open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and expected to remain in operation through September.

It’s not uncommon to see snowboarding sensation Torstein Horgmo riding in the Colorado High Country. But five years ago if you would have said the Shredbot legend would be visiting here specifically to snowboard in July, then that may have been a bit hard to believe.

Over the last few years, however, the nearby summer ski and snowboarding scene has changed.

Copper Mountain became the birthplace of Horgmo’s new video log this summer, and the X Games gold medalist has captured the park in all its glory.

“Torstein Vlogz” is the name of the project, and in its first episodes Horgmo shows viewers how Copper Mountain and the Vail Pass area has been able to hold on to snow well into summer.

“As soon as the mountain closed they piled all of the snow into the park area,” Horgmo tells viewers. “Woodward hosts a summer camp for kids up there, and they have a bunch of features, and they have this huge magic carpet. So they can pretty much just run, all summer long, summer boarding awesomeness.”

In his first few episodes, summer boarding awesomeness in the Woodward camp at Pipeline Park is indeed the focus. As Horgmo arrives at the camp, we see him grab a GoPro Karma Grip and say “let’s go flying.” The first person shots that follow of Horgmo’s smooth-as-butter backside shifties off the park’s large jumps are indeed that, a sequence of human flight. Horgmo shows himself to be a master of the self-production element of vlogging, using the Karma Grip for stabilization and capturing his board nicely in frame in his first-person, fully airborne shots.



For his first two video logs, titled “Summercamp part 1” and “Summercamp part 2,” Horgmo hangs out mostly at the upper Pipeline Park on Copper Mountain, which is reserved for Woodward summer camp students and professionals. The magic carpet used to transport riders back to the top is showcased as being the largest in North America and a modern convenience one might not expect to find at a summer skiing and snowboarding venue. Indeed, when Copper first started the summer camps a few years ago, riders had to either walk or take a bus back to the top after hitting the park. The magic carpet has dramatically increased the number of runs one can get in a day at Copper, and Horgmo is loving it, juxtaposing shots of himself on the Copper carpet and himself on the moving sidewalks at the Denver International Airport, which he is reminded of while in Pipeline Park.

In addition to snowboarding, viewers also receive a lesson in tie-dying shirts and get to see some of Woodward at Copper’s skateboarding venue.



It is his most recent piece, however, where Horgmo showcases what skiers and snowboarders from the regular public can enjoy at Copper.

In “Still Go Time part 1,” published Tuesday, Horgmo visits the lower Big Island park at Copper, which is open to anyone and everyone who visits on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Lift tickets are $28, and the park is open from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There’s no magic carpet transporting you back to the top; riders will have to rely on their own boot packing power.

“It’s a workout,” Horgmo said in “Still Go Time part 1.” “It gets easier, though.”

Pressed for time as he’s traveling to Texas that day, Horgmo shows his excitement for on-snow time to be as strong today as it ever was — getting to Pipeline Park at the top of the mountain would take too much time, so Horgmo makes the most of the lower Big Island park for a few hours in the morning.

And you should see what he does with the place.

“A little DIY biz” is what he calls it, and the result is spectacular, as Horgmo tunes up a few areas to help him carry speed through the park, looking as if he had cruised the whole mountain to get there. His performance on the public features is enough to make any snowboarder want to drop what they’re doing and head up to Copper for the day.

And they can, as the Big Island public park is expected to remain open throughout August and September. For more information, visit

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