Redskins’ Kyle Shanahan wants to be a head coach |

Redskins’ Kyle Shanahan wants to be a head coach

ASHBURN, Va. – Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says he’s “definitely” interested in exploring head coaching opportunities once Washington’s season is over. Shanahan could be a candidate for one or more of the seven NFL openings based on his successful season molding a creative offense around rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Shanahan said Thursday he didn’t know until he read it in the media that his father – head coach Mike Shanahan – declared that assistants shouldn’t interview while the Redskins are still playing. Kyle Shanahan would be hard to contact anyway – he says he doesn’t have an agent and hasn’t answered his phone “in about six months.” But the 33-year-old says he’d like to be considered and is “looking forward to having that opportunity after the season.”

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