Results: Summit Trail Running Series French Gulch 5K/8K |

Results: Summit Trail Running Series French Gulch 5K/8K

Summit Trail Running Series

Race No. 2: French Gulch 5K/8K

Race Division

First-place finisher time

Female Short Course 10-12

Jade Allen 00:24:52

Female Short Course 13-17

Aspen Fulbright 00:27:33

Female Short Course 18-29

Lauren Offerman 00:24:35

Female Short Course 30-39

Kellyn Glynn 00:28:07

Female Short Course 40-49

Kim Benedict 00:28:54

Female Short Course 50-59

Eva Hagen 00:24:15

Female Short Course 60+

Sharon Crawford 00:45:34

Male Short Course 10-12

Matthew Edwards 00:24:29

Male Short Course 13-17

Will Travis 00:21:59

Male Short Course 18-29

Ross McMahon 00:23:08

Male Short Course 30-39

Dan Lee 00:31:20

Male Short Course 40-49

Stephan Nicolas 00:26:04

Male Short Course 50-59

Danny Gnojek 00:22:58

Male Short Course 60+

Elliott Henry 00:31:05

Female Long Course 18-29

Kaci McCarstle 00:39:44

Female Long Course 30-39

Jaime Falcon 00:44:27

Female Long Course 40-49

Julie Thebeau 00:50:07

Female Long Course 50-59

Emily Boyd 00:50:26

Male Long Course 13-17

Max Bonenberger 00:40:26

Male Long Course 18-29

Ryan Robinson 00:36:21

Male Long Course 30-39

Trevor P. Wagner 00:40:46

Male Long Course 40-49

Mark Martin-William 00:38:49

Male Long Course 50-59

David McCarstle 00:39:47

Male Long Course 60+

Glen Bakken 01:09:48

The Summit Trail Running Series returned to the B&B Trail in Breckenridge on Wednesday for its second event of the season, the French Gulch 5K and 8K.

It was the boy’s short course 13-17 division that saw the largest turnout of any of the 25 short- and long-course race groups on Wednesday. At the top of the 20-man division, Will Travis won the group with a 5K time of 21 minutes and 59 seconds, a mark nearly a half-minute faster than second-place finisher Brennan Draper (22:25).

Travis’ time was the fastest short-course traverse posted by any of the 102 racers who took to Wednesday’s short course. It was a course that required racers to begin at the B&B Mine trailhead before turning onto Turk’s Trail, then Reiling Dredge Trail before crossing French Gulch Road and continuing onto Minnie Mine Trail. The course then circled back for a finish at the B&B trailhead, covering a total of 3.43 miles with 459 feet of elevation gain.

On the women’s side for the short course, the fastest time was posted by 50-59 age-group competitor Eva Hagen. Hagen’s time of 24:15 was more than six minutes faster than her nearest 50-59 competitor. Overall, Hagen’s short-course time of 24:15 topped the second-best overall female time, that of 18-29 age-group winner Laura Offerman (24:35) by 20 seconds.

Of the 58 runners who took to the long course, the fastest time was posted by male 18-29 age-group winner Ryan Robinson (36:21), who beat his nearest age-group competitor by more than a minute. On the women’s side, the fastest time came from 18-29 age group-winner Kaci McCarstle, who completed the 5.34-mile long course on and around French Gulch Road in 39:44.

The next race in the series will be the Baker’s Tank 4K and 9K on July 11. For more information about the series, go to

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