Sights from the 2nd annual Girls on the Run 5K in Frisco |

Sights from the 2nd annual Girls on the Run 5K in Frisco

This is what happens when 600 girls learn to run — and learn to love it.

On Nov. 12, Frisco played host to the second annual Girls on the Run 5K, a massive fun run made just for youth in the statewide health and wellness program. The curriculum features an entire semester of healthy living — how to eat, how to stretch, how to run and how to make it a lifestyle — before ending with the regional 5K. Runners from Summit County, Eagle County, Grand County and several other areas in the Rocky Mountain region met at the Frisco Adventure Center for a flat and fast course through the heart of Frisco. The run ended with a sprawling festival for the runners and their families.

“Completing this 5K will be a defining moment for many of these girls and will start them on a path of healthy living for years to come, which honors their athletic and mental strength,” stated Linsey Joyce, the recreation programs manager for town of Frisco, in a release before the race. “The excitement around this race last year was infectious because you could sense the pride of accomplishment from these girls. It’s a feel-good event all around. Add a beautiful course and a lot of tutus to that mix and you can’t help but have a big grin on your face the whole time.”

True to the spirit of the event, Girls on the Run was untimed. The reward: good vibes, huge smiles and (hopefully) a lifetime of healthy living.

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