Summit High School athlete of the week: Lily Weldon |

Summit High School athlete of the week: Lily Weldon

Rugby has been a part of Lily Weldon’s life ever since middle school. Now, the Summit High School senior is tearing it up for her last Tiger season and looking ahead to her collegiate future. She’s currently eyeing such candidates as Pennsylvania State University, Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and American International College and checking out their rugby and scholarship programs. Weldon also participates in basketball in the fall and sprinting for track in the spring.

Why did you decide to play rugby?

“Well my sister started playing rugby, I have an older sister, and she’s always been a good influence on my life and I saw how awesome the team was and honestly how nice the team was and it made me want to play.”

What do you like best about playing rugby?

“Summit Rugby, the thing I like the most is it’s not like any other sport I’ve played. It’s just like, those (other) teams can get so competitive … Honestly, these girls are like my family and I love each and every one of these girls so much. (The sport of rugby) comes so naturally to you at one point. My freshman and sophomore year, I started getting into the hang of it, and it’s a sport that you can’t not love once you get to that level.

“Rugby is definitely my favorite sport that I play. I just love the team environment. There’s not a day that I don’t laugh in practice, that’s a highlight. It’s awesome, I’m so happy that I joined Summit rugby.”

What was it like being named as an All-American player?

“It was an awesome experience. I was there this summer. I flew back to the east coast to go to this camp, and it’s honestly, it was such an awesome experience. It just showed me what high levels looked like and you just bond with other girls who are looking to go professional, stuff like that. It was an awesome opportunity and I’m definitely happy that I went.”

Are you able to balance sports and schoolwork?

“It depends on the day. Sometimes you can do everything and other days you have to choose one or the other. I’ve always considered myself someone who is super dedicated to sports, for me personally, I’ve always put that first.”

What were your most memorable moments?

“Just traveling with the rugby team is probably the highlight of my high school year. We’ve gone somewhere almost every year — California my sophomore year, last year we went to nationals and this year we went to Utah. Just traveling with the team and going out of state and getting challenged by other teams is always a memorable experience.”

What have you learned from playing rugby?

“It’s taught me how to push through what I can push through, pain-wise. …. I guess just in general, how you act with other people, because it’s one of those sports where you go and tackle someone really hard and after the game you’re joking around with them. It shows so much about the people in this sport and how you can act with other people and that kindness and forgiving.”

What are your future plans?

“I’m definitely looking into colleges with rugby, and I’m also looking into getting a scholarship for school, (but) the scholarships are very, very limited.”

What other activities or hobbies do you have?

“This summer I tried hiking around Summit County a bunch just because I don’t really plan on staying in Summit County for college or in Colorado for college, so I’ve been trying to go all over Summit County and Colorado just because I want to (take it all in) before I go.

“I’m in National Honor Society, I’m in InterAct, which is like a high school based Rotary Club, and also Octagon Club, that helps (at the) elementary schools.”

What is your favorite professional sports team?

“I would have to say, right now, I’m really liking the Broncos just because they’re kicking butt this season.”

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

“Well, I personally think of myself as being athletic, and then, like, approachable as a person. I like to think of myself (in that) social aspect. I can’t think of a third one.”

What’s on your playlist?

“It’s mostly just like pump-up music of all kinds. … Right now, for this season, it’s been the main song is “Latch” by Disclosure. And then, just because we’re the Summit Tigers, “Roar” by Katy Perry has been on there.”

Wild Card Question: What is your favorite Disney movie?

“It would have to be probably Atlantis. I watched that like a million times when I was little.”

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