Summt High School boys on track to win state |

Summt High School boys on track to win state

Janice Kurbjun
summit daily news
Special to the Daily/Tommy Gogolen

In a day full of ups and downs at the state races in Grand County, Jackson Hill took first in Nordic skate skiing and Patrick Gruber finished at the top of the alpine GS skiing field, putting the boys in position to take first overall, provided everything goes well in today’s races.

Daniel McFadden was having an “unbelievable” run when he laid out a gate and flew into the netting, head coach Karl Barth said. Meanwhile, Lucas Michieli put in two solid runs.

Katy Harris finished third for the girls, while Anne Parker had sixth place in the bag until she hit a rut and went off course, bumping the girls from third place after the first run (ahead of nemesis Aspen by 12 points) to sixth place with 140 points. Evergreen leads the pack with 171 points in alpine, a difference the girls could make up, Barth said.

In Nordic, the girls went 2, 4 and 25, putting them in a good position to assist alpine with a good finish today.

“All this and we haven’t even hit slalom yet, which is where it’s supposed to get dicey,” Barth said of Thursday’s mishaps.

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