The Breakdown: A serious case of the Thursdays |

The Breakdown: A serious case of the Thursdays

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Sports editor Bryce Evans

Normally, I tend to stay away from practicing discrimination, but when it comes to days of the week, Thursday is about as low as it gets for me; I just don’t like them.

It might seem strange, but let me explain.

In my glamorous life as a sports writer, Thursday is my hump day – meaning it’s smack dab in the middle of my work week and not having anything to do with a Black Eyed Peas’ song. And as I’m lost in my weekly Thursday Purgatory, things seem to bother me a bit more than on other days. That’s not to say that I turn into a skinnier Lou Piniella Wednesday at midnight, but it is harder for me to have that extra kick of motivation. Really, most Thursday’s just feel like an unexciting day of mediocrity; nothing ever really happens in sports.

That is, until this Thursday, as in yesterday, as in the day when I realized that mediocrity can actually lead to the ultimate payoff.

I was watching some morning Sportscenter before work, and all the talk seemed to be centered around Eli Manning’s new contract. You know, the one that makes him the highest paid player in the NFL annually. It’s worth up to $97.5 million for six years. Let me repeat that (in all caps), It’s worth up to $97.5 million for six years. The younger of the two Manning boys will be making $15.3 million this year alone, which is a million dollars more than older bro Peyton.

Ridiculous? I’m not sure that word even puts this in context. I would go with historic.

When you look at just the basic numbers of his career (76.1 rating, 55.9 completion percentage, 98 TDs and 74 INTs), he seems like an underachiever. But as quarterbacking is supposedly all about wins, everyone says that he led the Giants to a title.

Honestly, there are only three plays that Eli made the entire game that I can recall right away – and all three were on New York’s final possession. The first was his should-have-been-the easiest-championship-sealing interception in the history of the Super Bowl that was dropped by Asante Samuel. The second was David Tyree’s freakish helmet catch, when it looked like Eli was going to be sacked at least three different times. Then there’s his nice toss to the Lone Gunman (aka Plaxico Burress) to win the game.

I would hardly consider that to be a game that he won for his team, but this seems to be the reason that he got his Giant-sized contract. It doesn’t matter that he was just a small part of the best Super Bowl in recent years, rather than being the reason it was so great.

I’m not saying this as a slam against Eli, because you can’t blame him for how much someone else is willing to pay him.

What I’m trying to say is that this was the day that contracts may have changed forever, that it can actually pay to piggyback on success rather than earn it, that maybe mediocre isn’t so bad. Everything seems to have changed.

Hey, maybe I should give Thursdays another chance.

Wait, he actually signed on Wednesday? Oh, I guess Thursdays are still drag.

Bryce Evans wants to apologize to anyone who loves Thursdays, and he can be reached at

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