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The Breakdown: All-star column

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Sports editor Bryce Evans

Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball. I watch it constantly, follow the standings, stats and everything. Really, I treat being a Cubs fan like it’s my religion.

That said, I have an incredibly hard time staying focused while watching a game on TV. If I’m at the ballpark, I follow every play like it may be the last I’ll ever see in my life. When I’m on my couch? I have a shorter attention span than my 2-year-old golden retriever, who’s happens to be named Wrigley.

I’m not really sure why I’m like this, but I am.

Anyway, to reflect my BADD (Baseball Attention Deficit Disorder), I’m going to let you in on some of my random thoughts while watching the first few innings of Tuesday night’s All Star Game.

Here we go …

Pregame: The first thing that anyone would notice when they flip on the game is that it doesn’t actually start at 6 p.m. That’s just when the coverage begins. I think it’s so you can remember right away why Joe Buck is one of the least likable people on the planet. Then you can watch the rest of the game with the volume off.

First pitch: Pujols definitely saved Obama from some embarrassment by snagging the pitch before it clunked on top of home plate. Don’t think this matters? The Associated Press certainly does; they had a story cross on the wire about two minutes after Pujols made the snag. Just though I’d let you know that.

The announcing: When you’re watching a game of “All-Star” players, do you need the announcers to tell how good each player is when they come to the plate? Don’t we already know? Isn’t that why they’re playing? This is when I actually turned the sound off.

Some even more random thoughts throughout the first inning:

1. I can’t decide which is nastier – Tim Lincecum’s ultimate mullet or his herky-jerky motion that does more mowing down than John Deere. If you ever watch him pitch, you know that his nickname of “The Freak” is actually an understatement. The kid’s awesome.

2. If anyone tries to tell me that Joe Mauer is not the best baseball player in the world right now, I will never respect their opinion about baseball ever again. Only Pujols can argue about being in his class as a hitter, and there is absolutely no one that rivals him behind the plate. If he stays healthy, he’ll end up being the best catcher of all time. And his sideburns might be taller than Ichiro.

3. Would you be happy or bitter as a Toronto fan seeing Roy Halladay start the game on the mound for the AL? On one hand, he’s “Your Guy,” so it’s hard to hate him. But, at the same time, you know he’s probably going to be wearing a different uniform in about a month, and it’ll just remind you of how your franchise isn’t competitive enough to see the need to keep a guy with a year and a half left on his contract.

4. How can they justify this game – that has less intensity than most little league contests – deciding who has home field in the World Series? No further comment. I just can’t grasp this concept.

5. The number one. That’s how many players in this game allegedly took PEDs. That’s actually not bad when compared to other years.

Actually, overall, this game isn’t too bad compared to other years. It’s staying close, you have some good, supposedly clean players making great plays, and Joe Buck stopped announcing. Oh wait, the volume’s still off.

Heck, I might even watch the rest of it.

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