The Breakdown: Get some rest |

The Breakdown: Get some rest

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Sports editor Bryce Evans

On the fourth day, we can rest. And we definitely need to.

It’s been a pretty crazy last three days in sports: The Yankees and Red Sox started off the MLB regular season at Fenway on Sunday; the Blue Devils duked it out with Butler for a title on Monday; and the UConn women whipped one last team (Stanford) to finish off back-to-back undefeated national title-winning seasons Tuesday.

Throw in that the rest of baseball started its season on Monday (including a pitiful performance from my Cubs), and it’s hard to beat that three-day stretch of sports.

(Note: For those of us that care about hockey, the Penguins and Capitals played on Tuesday, as well. And Alex Ovechkin scored twice, tying him for the goal-scoring lead with Sidney Crosby and helping Washington beat Pittsburgh in the process. I would’ve mentioned this with the others, but no one would have known what I was talking about.)

So, in a stretch of sports that’s sure to satisfy anyone that has a television, what was the best story of the week?

Well, it hasn’t happened yet.

After our official day of rest today – when there are still 25 games being played by the NHL, NBA and MLB combined – the best sporting event of all begins Thursday morning: The Masters.

OK, so there about as many people who truly care about golf as there are fans of women’s college hoops. But, like the NCAA tourney, The Masters is one of the few sporting events that get non fans interested.

And I guess a few people have probably heard that a guy named Tiger Woods is playing. That kind of raises the interest level a little.

That’s part of the reason The Masters is the pick of the week for fans. The rest of it has to do with history.

You see, everything else that happened this week could happen any other year in any other tourney or season opener.

New York and Boston is always fun, but they play so much this year that the first one really doesn’t mean much of anything.

Duke won its title in a pretty down year for college basketball. And sure, that title tilt was exciting and Butler was a cool story, but it’s not like we were watching a bunch of future hall of famers out there – except Krzyzewski, that is.

And UConn? Well, didn’t we all expect them to win? I mean, they hadn’t had a game within single digits since 2008.

After all of this, there’s the 2010 Masters, which could end up being one of the most remembered sporting events of our (or at least people my age’s) lifetime.

That is, if the best golfer in the world is the one that puts on a green jacket on Sunday.

Sure, it seems a little far-fetched to imagine Tiger actually winning this week after the whirl-wind few months he’s had, not to mention the time away from playing. No one knows how is game will hold up with all that time off, and not even Tiger probably knows how his focus will be.

But that’s exactly what would make this win historic.

Never, not even when he won a U.S. Open on one leg, has Tiger been considered an underdog to do anything in golf. This would not only be the best win of his career but would be one of the most memorable wins in golf history, right up there with Francis Ouimet at the 1913 U.S. Open or Jack Nicklaus at the 1986 Masters.

Tiger’s always been someone to seize an opportunity to do something pretty amazing, and coming back from the depths he’s sunk to would be about as amazing as it gets.

And really, who are you going to bet on to beat Tiger?

(Waiting for a reply.) (Take your time.)

Don’t worry, I can’t think of anyone either.

That’s why we need to rest up today, because we’re in for a big weekend.

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