The Breakdown: Here’s to a better year in 2011 |

The Breakdown: Here’s to a better year in 2011

Bryce Evans
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Sports editor Bryce Evans

It was a deep chill, straight to the bones. Teeth-clattering, fingers stinging, all I could focus on was the foggy cloud in front of my face released into the frigid air with every breath.

I was freezing – and I was sitting in my living room.

It was colder than a Bill Belichick postgame handshake on New Years Eve in Summit County, but as someone who grew up in the arctic-like metropolis of Minneapolis, those types of days aren’t usually too bothersome. Well, as long as the heat in my house is working. It obviously wasn’t, or at least, it wasn’t quite up to the levels that actually, you know, keeps you warm.

Huddled beneath layers of blankets and sweatshirts, my wife and I waited for the heat (which had been cranked to “Spinal Tap” levels) to kick in, as our 6-month-old played happily – in his full snowsuit and winter hat.

Some say that, in moments of adversity, your true colors show. But, when you’re already blue from the cold, you just kind of reflect on all that needs to be improved in your life (like being able to afford a place with adequate heating).

Luckily, with today being the first day of 2011, it’s a perfect time to look ahead to what the new year could hold and how we – or mostly I – can make this year better than the last.

Of course, this is a sports column, so we’ll stick within the realm of men being paid millions to push other men around; it won’t be so much about exit strategies in the Middle East as it is how quickly Carmelo Anthony will exit Denver.

So, let’s get started. Here are some ideas as to how our world (in sports) can improve from 2010 (hair cut for Tom Brady not included):

Even more Tim Tebow! If you think sports media was saturated with Tebow stories in 2010, just wait until next season, when the Holy Hurler becomes the Denver, gulp, starter. I’m definitely not a Donkey fan, and I am completely indifferent to how they do, but I couldn’t be more excited to see Tebow under center for a whole season. He’s an interesting player – strictly as a player – and he also helps me fill a lot of inches in my column when I don’t have a real topic to talk about. Oh, did I say that out loud?

Bye, bye, Brett. It’s not that I don’t like Brett Favre, or that I don’t appreciate the incredible career he had, or even that I think he can’t play anymore, but at some point this year, I just hope we don’t have to hear any more stories about a 41-year-old sexting. Really, if I had to pick one story from 2010 that I could block out all mental images from, it would certainly be the silver fox’s peeper pictures.

Tiger roaring back. OK, for some people, rooting for Tiger to win is about as painful as sitting through The T.Ocho Show, but let’s be honest, golf needs him back at his best. The sport’s irrelevant without him playing well, and even though most don’t look at Tiger the same as they did a few years ago, he still is one of the most dominant athletes of all time. Watching history being made is always better than watching incredible talent going to waste.

Heisman handouts, er, handbacks. In 2010, we saw Reggie Bush relinquish his trophy and Cam Newton win his in a landslide. Newton could join Bush as the only Heisman winners ever to have the award stripped. So why is this good? Um, well, it shouldn’t take half a decade to get Newton’s back.

No World Cup. Sorry real soccer fans, but the “Word’s Game” is back to being irrelevant until 2014. Now we can all stop pretending we care and go back to talking about sports we actually enjoy watching and know something about.

Cubs win! Cubs win! This is kind of a selfish one, but even if it’s just the central division, winning anything would make me feel a heck of a lot better about the world of sports. Sure, their roster looks as attractive as Albert Haynesworth in a Speedo, but I can still hope for great things from my favorite team, right? I mean, it’s a new year, everything starts over and anything can happen. Another year of misery and disappointment and heartache and Alfonso Soriano’s wild whiffing – well, that really gives me chills.

What could make a great year better? Well, you could follow Bryce on Twitter at

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