The Breakdown: Tebow, Tebow, Tebow; Broncos, Broncos, Broncos |

The Breakdown: Tebow, Tebow, Tebow; Broncos, Broncos, Broncos

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Summit County, Colorado
Sports editor Bryce Evans

There’s a blue-and-orange horse glaring at me while I write this, it’s scathing eyes peering out from off the fast-food cup on my desk. And really, having to stare at a Broncos logo while I work makes me feel about as good as the soggy fries and nuked chicken sandwich I scarfed down.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s read any of my columns in the past that I’m not a Broncos fan. It’s not that I dislike the team; I’m just not from here, and my allegiances lie elsewhere.

But in the seven or so years I’ve lived in Colorado, one thing’s become very apparent to me: People here love the Donkeys, and that annoying cup on my desk is just one of the many examples of that.

Sure, it seems normal for a local fanbase to get behind their team and for local businesses to try to make money off that, but in Colorado, the Broncos really stand alone in this.

I mean, have you been to an Avalanche game in the past couple years? The Can looks about as dead as Al Davis.

And it’s not because they’re all that bad. People in Colorado just don’t care about 99 percent of their local teams unless they’re competitive enough to contend for titles.

The Rockies used to never even open a third of their upper-deck seats until they were “contenders” starting this season. No one cared about the Nuggets before ‘Melo and Billups lead their resurgence. And as for the Outlaws, Mammoth and Rapids, well, I’m guessing most people don’t even know what sports they play.

A lot of areas are like this: If the teams aren’t good, no one cares.

The thing that constantly amazes me, though, is that – with such a lack of true fans for every other team in Colorado – how diehard people here are about the Broncos.

A simple explanation is that it’s football. You know, America’s most-popular sport. Another is that they’ve been competitive for the past 20 or so years.

But, then again, there are a lot of good football teams in big cities that don’t get the support the Broncos do and certainly don’t get the same amount of attention.

So, I don’t really understand the obsession.

I mean, look at the Denver Post’s website, and on any given day, at least half of the top sports stories will be Bronco-related – and that’s in the offseason. Since the team drafted Tim Tebow, I’ve read 3,781 stories on him. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but just mention his name to even the most casual sports fan in Colorado, and you might be breaking down the lefty’s future for the next 30 minutes with someone who doesn’t even know the difference between a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense.

Normally, it drives me a little crazy, but this season, I actually feel the team is worth the attention it gets.

Although, this has absolutely nothing to do with them being any good, because really, I don’t expect them to be.

This season, the Broncos have adapted the line from the popular Dos Equis commercials: They are the most interesting football team in the world.

It pretty much comes down to the boy wonders – their young coach, Josh McDaniels, and the aforementioned Tebow. Both are probably the most-scrutinized people at their positions in the entire league. McDaniels has been criticized for his bold moves and brash attitude, while Tebow has been analyzed for, well, pretty much everything. Whether it’s his long delivery, his running style, his leadership style or even his ability to allow teammates to shave a (large portion) of his head, everyone has an opinion on it. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Everyone is waiting to see what McDaniels – renowned as an offensive mastermind – does with Tebow and the rest of the offense.

Then throw in the on-again-off-again dominance of Denver’s defense last year, and it should be a fun season to watch.

If nothing else, at least it’ll be worth all the attention.

I may not enjoy sipping from a Broncos mug, but as the season starts, I’m definitely drinking the Donkey Kool-Aid, er, Diet Coke.

Bryce Evans wishes he could have made a joke about the ‘basketbrawl’ in Europe, but it just didn’t have anything to do with the column. He can be reached at

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