The Breakdown: The meaning of true love, well sort of |

The Breakdown: The meaning of true love, well sort of

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Sports Editor Bryce Evans

Some people just don’t understand it, but when you’re in love, you’re in love. You can’t do anything about it; it consumes you, it controls you. Basically, you’re whole life is turned in a new direction.

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to experience it with someone else, it’s still pretty hard to explain “being in love” to someone that’s never been.

But, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, I feel obligated to try.

The late, great, gangster-poet Tupac Amuru Shakur summed it up pretty nicely in the intro to “Unconditional Love,” one of his, um, lighter songs:

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“Talking ’bout the stuff that don’t wear off/It don’t fade/It’ll last for all these crazy days/These crazy nights/Whether you wrong or you right/I’m a still love you/Still feel you/Still there for you/No matter what/You will always be in my heart/With unconditional love.”

Unfortunately, I’m not a rapper and don’t have the lyrical poise (or tattoos) of Mr. Shakur to put my thoughts into song.

But the one thing I do have is a sports column.

So, as I do when faced with most difficult questions in my life, I’m going to make a sports analogy to explain what “true love” really is.

A little info about myself to start: I’ve been an unrelenting Chicago Cubs fan for as long as I can remember. Despite only living in Chicago briefly as a child, I’ve never felt an allegiance to any other team. I stand by them through it all. Whether the top player on the team gets caught with a corked bat, then steroids, then, out of no where, forgets how to speak English in front of a grand jury, I stand by my team. Even if they win their division for two straight seasons then get unexplainably swept in the first round of the playoffs, I stand by my team. I check in on them nearly everyday; I have their website tabbed on my computer; I’m wearing a Cubs hat right now while I type this.

OK, re-reading that last paragraph made me feel a bit obsessive and borderline pathetic, but I think it helps get the point across.

You see, true love is very similar to being a true fan of a team.

Loyalty is the first key.

When you’re a true fan of a team, no other team can even compare. Sure, some may actually get more wins ” or maybe even a title ” but you love your team for who they are and what they mean to you. Because of your deep connection with that team, none of the rest will ever matter to you, ever.

Get where I’m going with this?

Next is your love or fanhood being unconditional.

As a Cubs fan, it’s been a pretty abusive relationship over the years. There have certainly been more tears than cheers. I mean, they’re heading into their 101st year of incompetency. That’s 101 frigging years! But no matter how hard things get or how trying the times, I still know where my heart lies. Forgive and forget, live and learn, all that good junk.

Though I’d doubt any romantic relationship could be as painful as my fanhood with the Cubs, the point is that no problem can tear true fanhood or true love apart.

The final part is that borderline obsession, which I hinted at a bit with my creepy ninth paragraph of this column.

I don’t mean this in a creepy way, but the point is that when you’re a true fan, you’re team is always on your mind. You think about them in the offseason and during the season. When watching another sport or team, you find your mind wandering back to them. Why? Because that’s where you are your happiest ” with your team.

Wow, I think that was pretty deep stuff.

Do you think this counts as writing a Valentine’s Day card to my wife?

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