The Breakdown: Title game will be missing one important thing |

The Breakdown: Title game will be missing one important thing

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Sports editor Bryce Evans

Normally, the week after the college football “regular season” ends is filled with bickering, fighting and a whole lot of controversy.

So why is Notre Dame’s coaching search the biggest news in college football right now? It’s kind of simple: For the first time, it appears the BCS got it right.

With two undefeated teams from a couple of the country’s premier conferences picked to play for the championship, there’s not much to argue about.

Sure, people can try to make cases for the other three teams that finished out the season undefeated (Cincinnati, Boise State and TCU), but each has its flaws, particularly when it comes to schedules. When a team runs the table with multiple ranked opponents and a slew of solid league foes on its schedule, you’d be crazy to argue that a team from a lesser conference, playing lesser opponents should get in instead.

All of this means that the BCS will finally be a true national championship game this year.

But is that really a good thing?

Now, I’ve always been a proponent of getting rid of the BCS, all the bowls and switching to a playoff system. You know, like how every single league in every single sport all over the world decides its champion? The only reason for bowl games is the money they bring to the schools and the conferences; they do little for the people that actually matter – the fans.

But, seeing as the BCS is what we’re stuck with for the foreseeable future, we just have to deal with it. And one way of dealing with it is enjoying the incredible controversy that inevitably comes with a few computers and a bunch of writers picking the nation’s best two teams.

Rarely is there a season where people aren’t arguing over the teams in the BCS title game. Even last year, it seemed liked Florida-Oklahoma was a decent pick, but somehow Texas was left out even though it beat OU and had the same record. And the only unbeaten team, Utah, was completely left out of the talk. Utah proved in its dominating, and I stress the word dominating, win over Alabama – the team that was a win over Florida away from being in the championship game – that it probably deserved a shot at either the Gators or Sooners.

And last year was pretty mild on the controversy scale compared to years in the past.

But that controversy was really the only thing that made those games exciting. If a team won the “national title” in that bowl game, people could still argue that another team was more deserving, people could still try to say that the winner wasn’t the true national champion.

That’s one of the best things about sports in general: The conversation that develops from them.

In football, we have weeks between games, and there’s nothing to do but sit back and argue about who’s going to win in January. If that part of it is eliminated, where does the enjoyment for fans come from?

I guess we’ll soon find out, because whichever school wins between ‘Bama and Texas is the champion. Period. End of story. Case closed. There’s nothing else to it.

So what do we argue about now? I guess there’s always the NFL.

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