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Tina Porter comes to Meta Yoga Studios in Breck for 2-day workshop

Denver-based yoga instructor Tina Porter partners with Meta Yoga Studios in Breckenridge this weekend for a two-day workshop. Cost is $30 per session of $50 for the full weekend.
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Yoga empowerment workshop with Tina Porter

What: A two-day yoga workshop in Breckenridge with Denver-based instructor Tina Porter, a respected expert who was recently named to the Denver Post’s “most sought-after” list

Where: Meta Yoga Studio at 118 S. Ridge Street in Breckenridge

When: Friday, Sept. 25 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) and Saturday, Sept. 26 (10 a.m.-noon)

Cost: $30 per workshop, $50 for both

The second day of the workshop is hosted at the Old Masonic Hall in Breckenridge (136 S. Main Street). For more info, including registration, see http://www.metayogastudios.com and browse for workshops or call the studio directly at (970)-547-YOGA.

A clear mind can do wonders for physical health.

The ability to conquer life’s obstacles plays a big role in mental health, and, this weekend, Meta Yoga Studios teams up with BreckCreate for a two-part empowerment workshop, hosted by Denver-based yoga instructor Tina Porter.

Porter, named “one of Denver’s most sought-after yoga instructors” by The Denver Post, will cater to all abilities at the workshops to offer a more in-depth and personalized experience than what’s found in a typical yoga class.

“The biggest premise behind these workshops is to help people understand that yoga is for everyone,” she said. “I think there’s a big misconception in our society that you have to look a certain way, that you have to act a certain way and it seems a little unattainable for so many people … It’s not about who can touch their toes, and it’s not about what people are wearing. It’s not about how it looks; it’s about how it feels.”

This weekend is the first time Meta Yoga has hosted her for a guest workshop. The studio’s outreach coordinator, Jennir Frank, is excited to have a high-level instructor come to Breck for an intimate event.

“I think the presenter is a huge part of a workshop, (with) the background, history and knowledge that they bring to the table,” Frank said. “A workshop is a more intimate setting. When you go to a yoga class, you’re just in and out. You don’t really talk to anyone. A workshop is more of an opportunity to build community, interact with other people, share experiences and stories.”

Porter has more than a decade of experience teaching for the Yoga Journal Conference, Telluride Yoga Festival and Yoga Rocks the Mountains. She is renowned for using psychological and physical technique to help improve self-health, which is also the focus of the workshops.

Yoga talk

Beginning on Friday, the “Let the Truth Be Heard” session is dedicated to effectively addressing issues that participants encounter daily in life.

“Maybe there’s a glitch on your computer, and you’re in the middle of a deadline. People want to get so pissed off and want to throw their computer across the room,” Porter said. “To be able to step back, to be able to push yourself away from your computer and take a breath (is important).”

Porter, a mother to two young children, has seen her fair share of stress. She’s found that it can be difficult to communicate with her children in the heat of the moment, but she’s also found that it’s much more effective to calmly communicate, rather than lose her temper.

“My birthday was last Saturday, and my kids didn’t do anything for my birthday, and that hurt; that hurt a lot,” she said. “While I was sad and while I was hurt, I was still very grounded. I was still very clear on what I was saying, but I was very emotional.”

Time to renew

Once issues have been brought to the surface in Friday’s session, she will then transition into solving them at Saturday’s workshop, “Reflect, Refresh and Renew.”

“Friday’s more about digging into some root causes of what we do, and so Saturday is going to be the clearing of them,” she said. She recognizes that bringing up personal issues in a public setting may be uncomfortable for some to do and reminds potential participants that they don’t need to share problems aloud with the group.

“I never want people to feel like they have to or let that deter them from coming,” she said. “I have a unique approach to this practice, and it’s the combination of physical instruction and the mental application that helps students channel energy, relieve stress and improve fitness — all at the same time.”

Like all instructors, breathing is important for Porter. By utilizing breath to confront physical and mental resistance, she and many yogis believe that the gap between body and mind can be bridged.

“Scientifically, it has been proven that the breath can alter the way we feel,” she said. “You think about your head, your mind and then you think about your physical body. The only thing that’s in-between those is your breath.”

Frank agrees.

“Breath is really the basis of everything we do,” Frank says. “A lot of people aren’t in tune with that. … Breath is really what controls the mind and the body. It is our source of energy; it’s our source of life.”

Through body awareness and a variety of mental approaches, the workshop teaches students to calm their minds, which in turn calms the nervous system and clears the head.

However, even with an emphasis on calm meditation, don’t think for a second that the sessions won’t be physically strenuous.

“It is a kick-butt workout — I’m not going to deny that,” Porter said. “But that’s doing yoga. When you’re practicing yoga, there’s a connection of breath that’s going to carry you through the movements. There’s awareness, there’s sensitivity, there’s a precision that goes along with your movements and that is what we want to take off the mat.”

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