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U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing hosts legend Joe Humphreys in Breck Aug. 20

An angler fishes near the Tenmile Creek inlet on Dillon Reservoir in spring 2015. Fly-fishing seems like a relatively low-impact sport, but early in the season, local anglers suggest simple exercises to re-condition arm and wrist muscles that tend to get ignored all winter.
Bill Linfield / Special to the Daily |

On Aug. 20, in cooperation with Tim West at Breckenridge Outfitters, the U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team will host a meet and greet with 87-year-old angler Joe Humphreys, a legend in the sport. The meet and greet runs from 7-8 p.m. at Breckenridge Outfitters at 101 Main Street in Breckenridge.

In addition, current team members and coaches, as well as USYFFT directors, will be present to answer questions regarding the nonprofit. There are 15 members of the current team, seven of whom are on the “travel team” and compete internationally every year. In early August, the travel team competed in the 15th annual FIPS Mouche World Champion in Spain, bringing home the silver medal. Young Jack Arnot of Eagle is a member of the travel team and will be in attendance.

Both events are held in conjunction with the USYFFT’s local clinics from Aug. 19-21. The clinic is closed for registration.

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