Vikings vs. NFL trial set to begin Monday |

Vikings vs. NFL trial set to begin Monday

MINNEAPOLIS – Minnesota Vikings Kevin Williams and Pat Williams are about to take their dispute with the NFL into a courtroom.

The long-running battle over whether the NFL can suspend the two defensive tackles goes to trial Monday in a Minnesota state court. A judge will consider whether the league can be forced to comply with Minnesota law in enforcing drug policies.

The NFL contends its collectively bargained drug policy trumps state employment laws. Both players are expected to testify on the trial’s first day.

The players tested positive in 2008 for a banned diuretic they say wasn’t listed as an ingredient in a weight-loss supplement. The diuretic can mask the presence of steroids, but the players are not accused of taking steroids.

The NFL tried to suspend the Williamses for four games each, but a judge allowed them to play as the Vikings advanced to the NFC championship game last season.

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